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June 26th 2015 in Blather

Bonkers missed them as soon as they’d gone; it was lonely in the house without all of the hustle and bustle. Maybe he’d use the doggie door later and chase some squirrels; maybe he’d raid the snack drawer with that trick he’d taught himself (diet be damned); maybe he’d just sleep on his fluffy quilt […]

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June 25th 2015

Agnes read the temperature gauge out on the porch and decided to bring all of the animals into the house. “What are you doing?” her husband asked as armfuls of cats and a couple of chickens joined them in the living room. “Keeping everybody safe,” she replied in her plain, no nonsense way. “There’s some […]

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June 24th 2015

“There’s no point to saying that we’re just like everyone else,” Batman said in answer to an audience question. “I mean – look at us.” He gestured to Robin, Superman, and Silver Surfer sitting near him and everyone laughed. “What I can say is that this has a good side and a bad side.” The […]

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June 23rd 2015

Chris watched out of the window in horror as the crows (huge, like small dogs with wings), flew parallel to little Becky on her bike and then veered to hit her (pecking her and trying to throw her off-balance). Screaming, she did an abrupt U-turn in the middle of the street and got back to […]

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June 22nd 2015

One by one, they were led out of harm’s way to the camp that had been set up; ingenuity would do the rest. Emir claimed a sewing station and made amazing tents for each of them in their favorite colors; it was Sophia who’d hooked his machine up to the rechargeable batteries in a configuration […]

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June 20th 2015

Ed and Shelly found it odd that the camp was fully set up, but no one was there. “Where could they have gone?” Shelly asked, confused. “Why would they go down to the river without us?” “I have no idea,” Ed responded, “but I’m also wondering why they’d pick such a crappy spot. This place […]

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June 19th 2015

Scott read the book for guidance, but it only confused him. He wasn’t involved in some kind of horrible murder (“Unless Brent doesn’t have his half of the rent today,” he thought to himself), and he didn’t have any awkward or amazingly cool paranormal powers (“Yet – that I know of,” he said softly, trying […]

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June 18th 2015

The thing in the basement listened to them argue (again). It heard the first voice go up (with the intent to harm, the icy coldness behind the yelling). It heard the second voice respond, full of condescension (with the stench of desperation and self-loathing behind). The thing in the basement marveled that they had not […]

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June 17th 2015

Dorothy smiled and she tracked how many smiled back. Most of the time, people were friendly, apologetic if there was a problem, helpful if someone needed it. “Heyup,” she said to a man who didn’t even look up and her eyes darkened. There were days like today, however, where no one could be bothered – […]

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