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October 9th 2015 in Microfiction

“So, as a necromancer, you specialize?” the interviewer asked, surprised. “Yes, that’s correct,” The Amazing Morte replied. “Like … wait … you only raise certain people?” the interviewer clarified, concerned that the article was headed somewhere dark. “Well, to be clear,” The Amazing Morte said, “I’ll raise up the missed identified by my living clients […]

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October 8th 2015

“It’s a complicated case,” Bevin said, stirring the creamer into his coffee. “Do you think he actually wanted to murder those people?” Krafft asked, knowing the rules, but finding it hard to resist. “Well, it’s ‘innocent until proven guilty’, of course,” Bevin replied, not missing a beat, “but I think Erik absolutely intended some kind […]

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October 7th 2015

“It’s odd and that’s for damn sure,” Duke said to Lloyd in low tones. “It is, but it’s a different world than when you an’ me started,” Lloyd replied. “I get having a city job, but … why on earth would a girl sign up for this?” Duke continued. “Real capable, though,” Lloyd commented. “REAL […]

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October 6th 2015

Professor Hibbs rushed in, calling the class to order – his stride energetic, his cloud of white hair waving high upon his head as if stirred by wind. “We will take roll at the beginning and end of each class; let’s begin,” he said, glancing at a paper in his hand. “Unlikely Success?” he called […]

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October 5th 2015

“It took a long time for his fame to spread overseas and, of course, it was relatively fleeting,” Dovic said in a measured voice. “The play and then the movie took so much out of him. He was not a young man.” “And you were his dresser the entire time?” Schell asked. “Yes,” Dovic responded, […]

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October 3rd 2015

“Once caught, it was easy to subdue the monster, although it may be important to note that he required four times the sedative volume of a normal living man,” Dr. Ott said to the group, who furiously scribbled notes. “Following the instructions left to us, we were able to remove the existing brain and secure […]

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October 2nd 2015

Laura picked up the cup gently, tipping the delicate piece carefully to peer in. She saw the leaves, looked up in shock, and tried again. “I don’t know why I’m surprised,” Laura said softly. “How may I help?” is what she’d read there … and she could hear Siri’s voice in her head.

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October 1st 2015

“So,” the Angel of Light began, “do you ever get tired of it – tearing things down, making a mess?” The Angel of Darkness laughed. “It may surprise you to know that my intentions are always for the good; wreck and ruin is never my goal.” Light looked surprised. “Forgive me, but I find that […]

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September 30th 2015

Charlotte laughed, picking the old book up from its garage sale bin and thinking that, for fifty cents, it was the perfect addition to Arthur’s cookbook collection. When she got it home, however, Charlotte found that she couldn’t put “Intuitive Cooking” down. “This list of warm sugars will take the edge off of guests who […]

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