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April 29th 2017 in Microfiction

Larry and Beth sat snuggled on a park bench watching the stars come out. “This is beautiful,” she whispered, laying her head against his chest. “You’re beautiful,” he added, kissing her forehead. “It takes me back, you know?” she said, looking up at him and smiling. “Ah, youth,” he replied, nodding. “It’s NOT wasted on […]

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April 28th 2017

“I called about the burial plots,” Dana said, coming into the office and extending her hand. “Ms. Hanson?” the cemetery director said warmly. “It’s a pleasure. I’m happy to help. Would you like a tour of the grounds?” “No, no, that won’t be necessary,” she replied. “I come here a lot … for some quiet […]

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April 27th 2017

Chad looked out of the window at the night sky, then checked his watch. He used the remaining half of his wine to take two Advil and a pile of glucosamine chondroitin, moving to the porch and then the yard to open the side and back gates out into the field. Returning to the garage, […]

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April 26th 2017

“You’ve been busy this month,” Olive whispered, reaching for his hand. “Sometimes, I think I work too much,” he whispered in return. “But you do an excellent job; your boss must appreciate it,” she continued, patting the bed beside her. He sat down. “Yes,” he said, tired, “but, sometimes, even that …” “Doesn’t feel like […]

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April 25th 2017

Robert moved carefully through the house, stepping over the carpet that appeared to be moving on its own, avoiding the walls that ran with blood and rerouting through the less-haunted parlor when the door to the basement opened on its own. Arriving in the kitchen, Robert put on his noise cancelling headphones (so that he […]

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April 24th 2017

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” she began. “Just don’t,” the mirror said. “Uh … who’s the fairest …,” she continued. “I’m not answering,” the mirror interrupted angrily. “… of them all … exactly WHAT is the matter with you?” she finished and countered. “You’ve been scrying,” it answered and she blushed. “You’ve been staring into […]

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Diary Pages: Emily Dickinson

April 23rd 2017

These hills. This house. My life. 
 I have ever been possessed of a solitary nature, so it is with some irritation that I meet question upon question as to when I will marry and throw off the darkness of my ongoing independence. Never, I answer, for the light that shines within me could know […]

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April 22nd 2017

“Well, we can sit here and just wait for the zombies to find a way in (maybe starving to death beforehand), or we can risk it – getting swarmed and torn apart on our way to what’s left of the grocery store,” Peter said with a sigh. “We can rest here in comfort and safety […]

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April 21st 2017

Darcie walked into the kitchen to get more salsa, pausing to look back at the women gathered in her living room. “My tribe,” she whispered, grateful for friends to celebrate with (remembering a time when there were none). “Refills on Diet Coke!” Heather called out (and Darcie gave her a nod). They were programmers, teachers, […]

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