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October 17th 2017 in Microfiction

“Crazy stupid waste of time,” Len said, making a face. “Tapping into our magical core! Living our magical life! Embrace the magic that is YOU! What an epic bunch of shite.” He looked over at Brittany, who was walking with her eyes trained forward. “Not a bad box lunch, though,” Len teased her, sidling up […]

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October 16th 2017

After cleansing the house (sage and salt), they had it blessed (Catholic and Wiccan), and had two psychics come by to help whatever it was into the The Light (Marjorie and David). The strange activity continued. Peeling wallpaper was made whole again; cloudy antique mirrors were brilliantly polished; the baby’s crib (wobbly on one side) […]

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Diary Pages: Krampus

October 15th 2017

Got my costume. I’ve been going as Pan from “Pan’s Labyrinth” for years, but I want to shake things up. So I’m going as Santa Claus. 
 It’ll be so festive!
 My two favorite holidays together for one spectacular evening! Ugh. I waited too long to shop (as per freaking usual). It was the Santa […]

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October 14th 2017

“She’s been working on that quilt forever; how can it not be finished?” Wendell asked, stacking the trays. “Mrs. Abernathy only adds a piece when the day has had some love in it,” Constance replied softly. “She may not remember the person who was loving or what they did, but she can look at her […]

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October 13th 2017

She came down the stairs in her high-necked swimming dress, a lawn chair tucked awkwardly under one arm, a black towel and a book of spells clutched in the other. “I’m gloombathing,” she announced to her parents, who watched her descend with interest. “I’ll be out on top of the family crypt, soaking up the […]

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October 12th 2017

No one would sit with the fire elementals at lunch. “Oh, sure,” Maggie hissed, “it’s funny when you say “Cleanse it with fire”, but you’re bitter when it happens!” “Let it go,” Alan said quietly, taking hold of her flaming elbow. “How many times have you giggled and said, “Let’s burn this mofo down?!?” she […]

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October 11th 2017

“The pigs were smart but, when the processing truck came, they filed in (complaining loudly, but moving forward nonetheless),” Bull said in his deep, rich voice. “In the end, it was Gertrude who started the rebellion – who woke the others from their delusion, who showed us how to live free and beyond the yoke […]

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October 10th 2017

Bob washed his hands in the sink, glancing right and taking in the framed embroidery that hung there. While he looked, the flowers and butterflies seemed to rearrange themselves – every thread reaching for another to form words. “You’re going to be fine,” it said. Bob emerged from the bathroom shaking his head to clear […]

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October 9th 2017

Leslie returned to the car walking briskly. “We’re good,” she said, opening the door and landing hard on the passenger seat. “If we continue on 5 West, we’ll pass Murray, then Emmett and be in Turner in 2 hours. There’s a Best Western along the highway.” “It’s almost midnight,” Tom complained. “Why drive two more […]

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