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September 28th 2016 in Microfiction

Herrick brought tea service into the parlor. “A spot of sweetness for the early evening,” her ladyship said to the countess (who nodded her approval). Raising a cup, her ladyship smiled and toasted, “To heaven and hell and all of the civility which lies between!” The countess laughed and took a generous swallow. “I was […]

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September 27th 2016

Susan poured herself a smoothie from the blender and settled back on the couch with a couple of iron pills to watch the news; they were covering the mysterious destruction of local gardens every full moon. She sighed heavily when her phone rang. “Hey,” she answered. “You watching the news?” Eric asked. “Of course,” Susan […]

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September 26th 2016

“One of us has to stand up to him,” Aaron said. “I took him on last time, remember?” Dylan said, pointing to the scar. “Do we have to go in alone?” Beth whispered. “Yes,” Aaron confirmed. “He’ll go insane if we all show up and try to grab him.” “No one will be left alive,” […]

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PART TWO: The Wrong Gods

September 25th 2016

“Did you go through the door?” the therapist asked, bringing Evie around. “What? I … oh, I’m sorry; my mind just wandered off,” she replied. “How embarrassing.” “There’s no need to be embarrassed, just continue if you can.” “Okay,” Evie said, drawing a deep breath and pulling at the long, gray braid that fell across […]

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September 24th 2016

“Throughout my life, I’ve had a recurring dream that I meet an old woman walking on a road,” Evie said quietly, looking out of the window as she spoke. “She frightens me, but I keep moving towards her.” The therapist said nothing. “In the early dreams, she reached out to me, but I rushed past […]

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September 23rd 2016

The spirit materialized in a corner of the room, a thing made of mist and shadow. It approached the bed, hissing its message, reaching out with a ghostly clawed hand, moving closer and closer. Lowell shifted to his side and pulled the blankets up (“It’s always so gosh darn cold in here at night!”), snuggling […]

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September 22nd 2016

In the autumn, when the rest of the world slowed in the cool North breeze, the trees dropped their pretenses. Leafless, they stretched up to the sky, no longer burdened by pressures to fly their high colors or assume a pleasing shape. Free from constant interference, they no longer hid their imperfections or competed with […]

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September 21st 2016

They met just before sunset in the clearing. Neil removed his clothing carefully and put it into a neat pile. As the others watched, he positioned his arm band (at wolf circumference) to hold his Fitbit and a small pouch. Patrick and Martha stared in disbelief as Neil put his car fob, a Swiss army […]

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September 20th 2016

“Working on your book?” she asked. It was not the question that set his teeth on edge, but the tone – that patronizing, mocking tone. “Yes,” he answered quietly, tight-lipped. “Is it true that crime writers kill off people they don’t like in real life as characters in their books?” she giggled as she said […]

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