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July 6th 2015 in Blather

“We’re very hands off as an association; we assume that everyone has basic common sense,” Hiller said to the smiling Doyles. “It’s foolishness to police open garage doors and lawn ornaments; truthfully, no one gives a crap.” “We can’t believe our luck at getting in here!” Mr Doyle exclaimed. “It’s incredible!” Mrs Doyle agreed, nodding. […]

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July 3rd 2015

It moaned and gibbered, running frantically about. It was looking for something. “Noooooo!” It cried, anguished. “It’s gone! I’ve lost it! My precious!” It began to sob, spittle dripping from its mouth as the despair grew. “MY PRECIOUS!” It snapped to attention, aware of itself for a moment, brows knitting in anger. “Someone took it! […]

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July 2nd 2015

They met in the woods to remember Chuck their way – away from the formal funeral things and the trays of finger sandwiches. They hugged, shared some stories, passed the flask around, and started in. Sarah, who’d become a math teacher in Dallas, started them off. “Carry on, my wayward son. There’ll be peace when […]

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July 1st 2015

As Morgan drove down the street, the Summer People waved at him enthusiastically, their smiles too wide, their forks and tongs glinting like swords in the sun. “Always out,” he mumbled to himself, “and always grilling.” Morgan sweltered as he drove, the air conditioner trying its best against the oppressive heat. The Summer People offered […]

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The Way

June 29th 2015

Yes, of course, the road went ever on and on, down from the door where it began, blah blah blah, but it was bored (so incredibly bored) and felt so tired of aimless feet and the anxious crossing of animals that it turned sharply towards the dark where wreck and ruin could spice things up […]

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June 27th 2015

Max liked to travel, staying in old hotels in rooms with two beds. “Two whole worlds to explore – what’s under those beds,” he told Jeff with a laugh. “Gawd, you can find some incredible stuff.” “You mean to tell me that you scrounge under beds and actually keep what you find?” Kevin asked and […]

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June 26th 2015

Bonkers missed them as soon as they’d gone; it was lonely in the house without all of the hustle and bustle. Maybe he’d use the doggie door later and chase some squirrels; maybe he’d raid the snack drawer with that trick he’d taught himself (diet be damned); maybe he’d just sleep on his fluffy quilt […]

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June 25th 2015

Agnes read the temperature gauge out on the porch and decided to bring all of the animals into the house. “What are you doing?” her husband asked as armfuls of cats and a couple of chickens joined them in the living room. “Keeping everybody safe,” she replied in her plain, no nonsense way. “There’s some […]

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June 24th 2015

“There’s no point to saying that we’re just like everyone else,” Batman said in answer to an audience question. “I mean – look at us.” He gestured to Robin, Superman, and Silver Surfer sitting near him and everyone laughed. “What I can say is that this has a good side and a bad side.” The […]

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