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May 5th 2015 in Microfiction

Laura walked the pups briskly down the path, keeping them to the slope and making the most of the fading light. There was a rustle in the brush off to the right, but she had sensed the predator long before it made a sound. “No time tonight,” she said to the creature as it crouched […]

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May 4th 2015

“The Spirit of the Forest cries out against the evil,” Elrond began. “The what?” asked Boromir. “The Spirit of the Forest,” repeated Elrond again. “And does this ‘Spirit of the Forest’ care to attend the meeting and deliver its findings itself?” Gimli asked with a smirk. “I wouldn’t mind talking to the Spirit of the […]

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May 2nd 2015

“There! All done,” the nurse cooed into the quiet of the nursery, having taken the 10pm vitals on all of the newborns. In their blankets, the babies were telepathically communicating back to The Source about being awakened every 2 hours or less. “That whole birth things was nuts,” said an eight-pounder from Room 2406A. “I […]

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May 1st 2015

Everyone walked around, stretched, chatted, and got ready for the rescues to arrive. They would be nervous and anxious; some would need special help immediately; some would have their young with them. Some just wanted love; others, courage; a couple of them needed to find the will to live. It would be another hard day […]

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April 30th 2015

The ocean was peaceful and quiet. As she moved through the deep, Jennifer called to the others – a honk of welcome that sounded eerie in the endless dark blue. She heard replies off in the distance, high whoops and low growls. Nothing disturbed her; there was nothing to do and nowhere to be. And […]

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April 29th 2015

It was Spring, and it was going the way it always did. The cherry, pear, and peach trees spent most of their days blowing around and flexing their branches, picking on the apple tree for being short and having fat fruit. The apple tree took it all in stride, concentrating on putting firm roots down, […]

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April 28th 2015

She was dancing underneath the cabana, its twinkling lights reflecting off of their glasses, their smiles bright, and their laughter loud. He sat just outside of the ring of tiki torches in a lawn chair, pale and uncomfortable in the Hawaiian shirt he agreed to wear (this once) just for her party. As she watched […]

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April 27th 2015

As the contagion spread, the medical community scrambled. Vaccines were urgently created for the young, the elderly were given powerful sleep aids, and controlled studies were being set up all over the globe. “We are not at ‘pandemic’ yet,” said an obviously harried nurse on television, “but we need to hurry. The cough is really […]

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April 25th 2015

Julie slid the papers under his door and left the dorm for the library (she had heard about last night’s party and knew he was likely still asleep). In the envelope attached to the packet, she’d returned his money; hopefully, this would make him less mad, but it was all going to go down however […]

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