"I'm going outside to say hello to everybody!" Inga yelled into the house as she shut the front door behind her. She brought her eyes softly out of focus (as she'd been taught) and saw them moving in the blowing snow - dancing down the street, making snow angels, floating to the tops of trees and swooping back down. "Farbror!" Inga yelled, waving enthusiastically. The blur across the street waved back with both hands. "Morfar! Mormor!" she yelled, and the dancers halted and turned (also waving). Inga felt a snowball hit her in the shoulder and smiled. "Sweet Didi," she cooed, looking at the small shape crouched in the snow pile through her peripheral vision. "I miss you all so much!" she yelled and stamped her feet, giggling through the feeling of separation and sadness. "SO much!" she said again, bringing a snowball out from behind her back and flinging it left without much aim. "We should dress and join them," Inga's mother said, wiping a tear away as she stood at the window looking out. (In Swedish: "farbror" - uncle (father's brother); "Morfar" - grandfather (mother's father); "Mormor" - grandmother (mother's mother); "Didi" - endearment for younger brother.)