"I don't know, I'm thinking ... maybe I'm easily morose, I get down on myself," Cathy said, thinking out loud. "Maybe I isolate myself and then cry in front of the fireplace (drinking a whole bottle of wine) because I don't have any friends?" "Oh, that's good," the shadow said, writing it down. "Lots there to explore." "Right?" Cathy asked rhetorically, feeling good that they were on the same page. "I think the whole "perils of being an introvert and trying to find love" thing is huge," she continued. "Also, I'm wondering if I could go through a lot of diet hell, low grade, but never get a disorder or anything." "That comes with the package now," the shadow was happy to tell her. "It's free to everyone." "Awesome," Cathy said. "So ... let's detail out some little things, like a desperate fear of bees and really frizzy hair ... or maybe I have to go to the dentist a lot and I'm paranoid about my teeth." "You are great at this," the shadow said, amazed. "Honestly, consider being a Vexation after you leave this life. You've got talent." "Awww, thanks," Cathy said, smiling. "Really, I just look around and go "DUH". It's obvious to me that all darkness is homegrown; it's always a custom job."