"What I want to stress here is that you BARK, not BITE," Royal said to Hank, Fluff, and Raisin. They stood staring at the party in progress from the doorway to the den. "We know that some of these people aren't people," Royal continued. "We don't have a clue what the non-people actually are and there's no way you should get close enough to sniff their butts." He made eye contact with Hank, who begrudgingly nodded (sniffing was his main game). "If you bite, you could become infected with gawd-knows-what and that's not going to help anybody," Royal stressed, following Raisin's line of sight to a creature posing as Samantha Allen in the far right corner. "Our job is to warn the family," Royal said, his voice dropping low, "and fight only if we have to." Raisin was building a growl deep in his throat and Royal followed suit. The creature looked over with an angry flash in its eyes. "Shit's about to go down," Fluff whispered, standing up straight and moving into a front line position with the bigger dogs.

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