The moving van rolled down the street, past the Blessings (who cheered because they loved meeting new people)and the Curses (who hissed because they hated everybody as a general rule). It rumbled by the Haves, who wondered about all of the stuff inside and its leanings in terms of decor, as well as the Have Nots, who wondered if they could finally fill a van of their own. It turned left by the Optimists (causing a gasp) and right by the Pessimists (causing a shrug), coming to a stop in front of the last house on the last plot of the development - quite a ways apart from all of the others. Smiling, the Gratitudes exited the van and stood in the yard, appreciating the sunlight, the trees, and the deep quiet. “It’s very peaceful; it feels really balanced,” the Gratitudes shared with each other. “The Mindfuls were totally right about this place.” “Cripes,” one of the Negative-Nelly’s muttered, driving by slowly without waving. “There goes the neighborhood.”