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Attention Facebook Friends!

June 11th 2017

I did not unfriend you. FB has suspended my account until I verify my identity which is, predictably, an awkward and time-consuming thing. Back soon, I hope.

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May 27th 2017

“So, Alex, we want to talk to you about your new card line,” Mr. Schlegel began. “I just finished the Get Well card; it’s so great,” Alex responded, smiling. “Yes, well,” Mr. Schlegel started, “it’s just that we don’t see consistent or growing demand for necromancy greeting cards here at Hallmark.” “Of course not!” Alex […]

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September 28th 2015

As Devon was new, Kristy gave him a working tour of the plane and went over the protocols again. “It looks different in real time,” she said with a smile, “and, since this is your first overnight flight, we’ve got to review both Batwatch and Sleeper Bleedout First Aid.” “Uh … I haven’t …,” Devon […]

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September 26th 2015

“When I found your store on Etsy,” Barbara began, “I was confused by nothing ready-made – everything custom.” “Yes, that can be confusing,” Angel replied. “And then I read and knew instantly that it was the right thing, odd as it is,” Barbara said quietly. “You find it odd?” Angel asked politely. “Yes,” Barbara answered, […]

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September 25th 2015

The mummies tripped the interior safety latches and released themselves from their tombs, shambling slowly into the museum’s employee lounge. Nefrina dropped into a chair with a grunt. “I broke a nail on that stupid lock,” she huffed to no one in particular. “It took the first knuckle, too.” Thutmose II pretended he still had […]

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September 24th 2015

“Madame, thank you, but …” the head of the department said, his hands coming up as if to block. “Rubbish on your ‘thank you’, I am tired of your dismissals,” Clothilde said, her eyes flashing. “You are a bureaucrat masquerading as a man of science. You have all dismissed us as hopefuls wanting to ride […]

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September 23rd 2015

A dark shape detached itself from the shadows at the treeline and loped off, low and menacing; another tried to follow. “Let him go,” Greymuzzle said. “It’s been a hard day.” Two pairs of yellow eyes burned in the night, looking after their friend. “Did the hunt go poorly? Was he injured?” asked Stripe. “No, […]

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September 22nd 2015

“The rats came in droves,” he began dramatically, “biting and clawing and bringing disease …” “What disease, Dad?” Jason asked. “Uh … plague,” he said, taking a breath to go on. “What’s plague, Dad?” Ruby asked. “It’s … uh … it’s a very bad kind of flu,” he answered. “If it’s a bad kind of […]

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September 21st 2015

Donna listened, nodding occasionally. When she was officially offered the promotion, she said, “I want to thank you sincerely for recognizing my work. Sadly, I have to decline. I really enjoy being part of a team, but don’t want the stress of leading one.” They were always as gracious as she was apologetic. “It’s just […]

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September 19th 2015

John drove all night, looking into the dark places of the city – under its bridges, down its twisting alleyways, across its patches of abandonment and desolation. He drank coffee, so much coffee, and charged his phone in the car. John listened for cries of help, watched for telltale puddles of blood on the streets, […]

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