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February 21st 2017 in Microfiction

“The Tukii believe that our emotions form a moving layer directly under our skin,” Miriam said, pouring herself another sherry. “They can align with us or betray us (which seems to the Tukii to indicate intelligence and will), so that layer is treated like a separate being entirely.” “That must make everything extremely complicated,” Gary […]

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February 20th 2017

“Following the ritual of release and safe passage,” the high priestess said, looking around at each coven member, “we’ll head to Lauretta’s for pie and coffee.” They all nodded. “At that time, we’ll let everyone sign up for some time with Sharon’s iPad before I return it to factory settings and effectively wipe it.” “Why […]

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Diary Pages: Marie Antoinette

February 19th 2017

(Translated from the original French.) I did NOT say, “Let them eat cake!” It vexes me that I am woefully misquoted absolutely everywhere now. 
 I said (if anyone cares), “Let them make me cakes!” 
 It seemed a simple solution to all of the unrest.
 At least for the restless bakers.
 I hate that […]

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February 18th 2017

“Prep times on Delmer and Common?” the director asked him. “Delmer is ready whenever. Common … ready at 5pm today.” Thomas hung up, and went into the kitchen to finish his lunch. He thought about Leslie Common, the way her hope had failed (leading to a decision that would take her body with it), and […]

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February 17th 2017

“I need some glue,” Vera said, stumbling into the craft room where her mother and grandmother sat, hard at work. “Why? What are you up to?” her mother asked, eyelids narrowing. “Nothing!” Vera huffed. “Well, it’s in the drawer where it always is, Vera,” her mother huffed back. “Please stop turning your every need into […]

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February 16th 2017

At the gravesite, they salted the earth and marked the gravestone with an extra coffin nail to show they’d applied precautions. Frank looked away and was comforted by Dot’s sister, cousin, and two friends from work. “I’m fine,” he told them. “I understand that it wouldn’t be my Dot that came back. I’m okay.” Late […]

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February 15th 2017

“We understand that … well … the Tibetans … and others … believe that the Lama immediately reincarnates … and this is verified by a number of tests,” the man said slowly and carefully, staring down at his hands. “We reached out to you (as the only Buddhist we know),” his wife continued, offering a […]

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February 14th 2017

He fussed and fussed (as only the lonely can), arranging the meal just so, cutting a sprig of fresh parsley to place on top. They watched him silently, offering neither judgment nor encouragement. “Dinner is served, darlings!” He called out cheerily, placing the small, delicate china plates on the floor. The cats stared at the […]

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February 13th 2017

Robert’s car pulled up and idled at the end of the driveway. He got out and stared at the house for a moment, then placed a bouquet of roses on the cement. “Oh, no! Have you two broken up?” Fran asked Sheila (after he’d driven away). “Not exactly, but sort of,” Sheila responded, sipping her […]

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