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February 6th 2016 in Microfiction

“What have you got there, buddy?” Mike asked Hank the Hound, who held a dead bird very proudly in his mouth. Shelly screamed and ran out of the kitchen with clear instructions to take care of the problem; Hannah looked on from the breakfast nook, eating her oatmeal slowly. Mike coaxed the bird away from […]

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February 5th 2016

Ernestine brought a tiny bottle from the hutch in the dining room; she cradled it tenderly in her cupped hands. “Good heavens, what’s that?” Bonnie asked. “Is that moonshine?” Ernestine laughed. “Everybody knows that moonshine comes in a jug.” She sat the bottle down on the tray very carefully. “You were saying how much you […]

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February 4th 2016

The squad car lights illuminated the back county road and all of the dense trees arching up over it. Officer Marvin got out slowly, keeping a light touch on his holster. “You guys LARPing or something?” There was no response. He carefully approached the guy in the massive horned helmet riding a … stag? “Nice […]

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February 3rd 2016

She found two dead wolves on the path and started to run. The webs in this part of the forest were enormous and so dense you could not see through them. She ran, not looking when a shadow shifted to her right, fearing she would come undone. Racing to the cottage, she was relieved that […]

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February 2nd 2016

“What the heck is this?” David asked, gesturing to something on Mindy’s desk. Between the file organizer and the potted ivy, an Altoid tin was open and, inside, a tiny mattress, pillow, and quilted comforter were in view. “It’s for the coffee fairies,” Mindy answered matter-of-factly. “In the mornings, they work particularly hard. Providing them […]

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February 1st 2016

“The stories were actually written by Herbert West,” Professor Langston said, “who was not a mad scientist, but a groundskeeper for Arkham public parks.” The audience grumbled. “Mr. West saw a great many unexplainable phenomena during his tenure and used his untapped genius to spin the stories into some kind of cohesion – the mythos […]

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Letters from Management #5

January 31st 2016

Office of the Headmaster Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Cloaking Moors
United Kingdom My dear Mr. Snape, It is not uncommon for the Sorting Hat to enter into a conundrum about a student, which is exactly the situation in which we find ourselves in the selection of your house. Certainly, a split between houses is […]

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January 30th 2016

Mitzi Wonderpants, having renamed herself “Viper”, sat out by the fence waiting for the others and swishing her tail. In time, Norbert (who could find no other name but “Norbert” for himself) waddled up. “Sorry, Mitz … uh … Viper,” he said nervously. “I got distracted. Found a sparkle ball in the corner.” Her eyes […]

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January 29th 2016

When Death arrived, Moira Laherty was sitting up and waiting. “Before we go,” she said, setting her knitting aside and patting the comforter to indicate that he should sit, “I’d like to talk through what I noticed when Bertie, Graham, and a bunch of the others passed.” Death sat, more out of surprise than a […]

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