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May 3rd 2016 in Microfiction

Following his GPS, James parked and walked down a nothing street with forgettable buildings to a wall that had a door with some numbers on it. He stood before it, wondering if this is where all organ trafficking in the city began, and then knocked. A few moments later, the door opened and he stepped […]

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May 2nd 2016

Linda reached for the pizza and Rosalie growled. Linda tried it again, not heeding the second growl, and Rosalie put a paw on the back of her hand, pinning it to the couch, and bared her teeth. “You’re dieting,” Jeff said, coming in from the kitchen and sitting down. “I’m what?” Linda asked, surprised. “Dieting,” […]

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Letters from Management #15

May 1st 2016

King Sisyphus Tartarus Underworld Dear Sisyphus, We know that your current situation is hard to accept (after founding Corinth and subsequently amassing great wealth and power), but your mother and I believe that everything happens for a reason. While it was difficult to understand and excuse your attempts to kill your brother, seduce his daughter, […]

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April 30th 2016

“You: one of a kind, practical yet passionate, demure but also dangerous, loyal to family and gracious to staff; you wouldn’t mind a couple of kids of your own if you could raise them in a haunted Victorian with its own cemetery on the grounds (children must have a place to play). Me: fortunate in […]

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April 29th 2016

“What are you looking at, Grandma?” Cecelia asked, following Nana’s line of sight out the living room window. “In the fog, sometimes I see people … and faces. Family and friends … people I used to know,” Grandma’s voice was light and wistful. Cecelia saw no one, but had no reason to doubt her. “The […]

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April 28th 2016

Things had been going wrong in that family for a long, long time. Now, inching closer, Mr. Rabies could see that Shelby was crying in her bedroom and a lock had been installed on the outside of the house to keep her in. He leaned far away from the tree branch and tapped on the […]

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April 27th 2016

“You’re dressed. Social engagement tonight?” Alfred asked, looking up when Batman entered the kitchen. “I had planned a quiet evening,” the caped crusader said, helping himself to a banana, “but then Bruce Wayne was notified of attempted identity theft.” “You traced the revolving international IP addresses of the offending parties,” Alfred led, arching an eyebrow […]

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April 26th 2016

“How old was she again?” Diane asked in disbelief. “116,” Liz replied. “Holy crap,” Mark commented. “How does anybody live that long?” “By drinking the blood of your enemies,” Liz said smiling, and the others burst into howls of laughter. Someone raised a glass to toast Aunt Beverly, and Liz joined in, remembering all of […]

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April 25th 2016

They gathered around him in the yard, fidgety and awkward; it was their first attempt at bullying. “Are you wearing a skirt?” one asked with a practiced sneer. Ian smiled. “It’s called a kilt. Warriors have worn it for centuries; cloth armor you can run in and just as comfortable as shorts.” “Uh,” said a […]

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