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June 23rd 2016 in Microfiction

Ursula sighed. “Let me guess,” she said, her mouth in a tight line that turned down at the corners, looking at them out of the corner of her eye. “You want to trade something you think you’ll never miss for your one sorry shot at love.” They trembled inside the mouth of the cave, nodding […]

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June 22nd 2016

They agreed on the plan and began carrying Post-It notes everywhere, in pockets and purses and impressive leather folios. They started their days at diners and coffee shops, then moved to restaurants and delis, finishing up at sports bars and 4-star foodie palaces. They would send over food with a note that read, “Please eat […]

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June 21st 2016

Carlie was there, outside, when he looked. It was just past midnight and Max was quietly zipping up his loaded backpack. He gave her the signal to wait and he took his time suiting up and climbing down. “Hey,” he said, below a whisper. “Hey,” she mouthed back. She was trembling although the night was […]

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June 20th 2016

“Now, you all just keep moving in a circle and stretching and I’ll be right back,” Jean (the recreation aide) said to the group at Morning Exercises. They nodded congenially and watched her go. “Now,” Marjorie whispered; Alice closed and locked the door to the community room; she’d pocketed a piece of bright blue chalk […]

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Letters from Management #22

June 19th 2016

I know you’re watching me. I know what you think you saw. I know you have all kinds of questions.
 But do you have the courage to get the answers?
 The blood is the life.
 And life is risk.
 What will you risk to learn the truth? Sundown. In the park. D.

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June 18th 2016

“It would drive me crazy – always having something in my ears,” Randall said, shaking his head. “Best to stay sane, then,” Mara replied, giving him a bright smile while putting her earbuds back in. He laughed. She turned, but then turned back. “I feed my brain a healthy diet of what’s interesting, what’s necessary, […]

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June 17th 2016

As part of their work on adjectives and adverbs, Mr. Gorman told his second grade class to pick one that started with the first letter of their names. There was Horrible Henry, Quentin Quickly, Amazing Alice, and Stupid Stan (who was encouraged to find something more positive). “What about Fictional Fred?” asked Wistful Wanda, who […]

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June 16th 2016

The humble Roomba, least of the devices on newly conquered Robot Earth, was barely modified; given a small grasping claw and self-activation, it was simply allowed to turn around and around at will, doing menial tasks that meant very little to the overlords. “Why don’t we just flag them for parts harvesting?” X1X11142 transmitted, during […]

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June 15th 2016

“It was Stark’s idea,” Thor said, grinning when he saw the photographer’s jaw drop. They were all painted green, wearing Iron Man novelty boxers, a large hammer pendant, white knee socks with black spiders on them, a stars-and-stripes bandana, and a fake tattoo of an arrow on their right biceps. “And it’s genius, frankly,” Bruce […]

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