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January 16th 2017 in Microfiction

“We do our bit, but we never actually thin the herd,” Frank commented. “That’s always bothered me.” The others exchanged a look, but said nothing. Across the ravine, the flock loosened a bit and a couple of stragglers wandered off into the bushes in search of food. Frank tensed. “I mean,” he started, “isn’t that […]

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Diary Pages: Buffy Summers

January 15th 2017

OMG. Reject city. Why didn’t I get parents who stayed together for the sake of the children? Sunnydale is a crap hole. The only person that seems to have it worse than me is the school librarian. British dude is BITTER. Whatevs. I’ve seen what stalks these halls passing for human. I already have the […]

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January 14th 2017

“We’ve always plowed out the town,” Jassop said to the little ones, “to keep it safe for driving. We want people to get to work on time, visit the market when they need to, and have the chance to do fun things with family and friends.” They nodded and sipped their hot chocolate. “And we’ve […]

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January 13th 2017

Kirkland made his last entry for the night, rubbed his eyes, and stood up from the desk. An envelope arrived, pushed under the office door. “Hello,” Kirkland said to his mystery caller (assumed to be listening on the other side). The more remote the village, the less likely a villager would walk boldly into the […]

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January 12th 2017

“It took a long time for me to trust you,” Sarah had written, “but your warmth and charm won me over. Even though you’ve decided to end our relationship, I think your love for and belief in people has forever changed me.” He paused a moment to smile. “At the very least, I’ll read the […]

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January 11th 2017

“Wait … wait … yep! Here comes one!” said Kirk. “This one’s mine!” Spock yelled. “Wooooooo! California plates! You dawg!” Bones yelled into the wind encouragingly. “I wager 300 quatloos the Chevy takes out a mailbox,” Spock started. “100 quatloos against,” said Kirk. “No wager!” Bones said, closing the bidding round. They watched the car […]

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January 10th 2017

“Why does no one ever die in The Hundred Acre Wood?” one of the young rabbits asked Owl. “Because we have plenty of space for living,” Owl said, matter-of-factly. “Simple as that.” The young ones puzzled, but couldn’t think of another question, and relaxed into complete agreement. Owl breathed a sigh of relief watching them […]

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January 9th 2017

A scraping and a tapping came from the back room of Gepetto’s workshop; the guides exchanged glances. “Is there someone at work in there?” asked one of the tourists. “Can we see what’s going on?” asked another. “The back rooms of the workshop are closed for repair,” said one of the guides. “I’m sorry.” A […]

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Diary Pages: Edgar Allan Poe

January 8th 2017

I’ve met someone. I can hardly believe that a creature this wonderful has even the slightest interest in a mediocre magazine man and dubious poet, but she sees something in me that’s worthy of her attention – enough to warrant a pause in the course of her extraordinary life (and it has the power to […]

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