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February 23rd 2018 in Microfiction

“I don’t know, I’m thinking … maybe I’m easily morose, I get down on myself,” Cathy said, thinking out loud. “Maybe I isolate myself and then cry in front of the fireplace (drinking a whole bottle of wine) because I don’t have any friends?” “Oh, that’s good,” the shadow said, writing it down. “Lots there […]

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February 22nd 2018

“An impeccable transformation,” the first announcer said as the music started. “The Romanians continue to dominate the sport and Cruczik is the one to beat for the free flight routine,” the second added. “Perfect pacing; not rushing the full extension on the turn,” said the first. “OH! Brilliant full wing sweep and double twist!” exclaimed […]

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February 21st 2018

“I’m going outside to say hello to everybody!” Inga yelled into the house as she shut the front door behind her. She brought her eyes softly out of focus (as she’d been taught) and saw them moving in the blowing snow – dancing down the street, making snow angels, floating to the tops of trees […]

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February 20th 2018

He heard a faint honk in the distance. And then another, farther off, and still another (answering from the highway). In the cold and the dark, he just listened and challenged himself to believe it. Somebody’s bass thumped and a warning “Woop!” from the cop car parked at the corner told them to knock it […]

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February 19th 2018

After the Hansel and Gretel debacle, the coven went vegan. Although Soren snuck a bit of cheese at the weekend and Merta continued to accept payment in fresh eggs for her tinctures and tonics, the rest returned to a more harvest-oriented magic and embraced a simplicity of life that had not been seen for some […]

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Diary Pages: Abraham Lincoln

February 18th 2018

I am often without patience, but I am never without hope. What drives us to fraction and calamity is the very thing that will drive us to courage and action. I do not wonder if things will be all right after a turn or even a fashion. I do not worry that what is broken […]

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February 17th 2018

When the police arrived, they found the gunmen disarmed and hog-tied in the cafeteria (bound with zip ties used by the Gardening Club). Not a single shot had been fired. Questioning the staff at the nursing home shed no light on what had happened and the police left without a clear narrative of the event. […]

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February 16th 2018

“After you enchant the sprays, you’ll need to store them separately,” Marian instructed, turning to look Sherman in the eyes. “Or you could just read the labels,” he commented sarcastically, giving her a look. “Don’t be impertinent,” Marian said sternly. “In the chaos of the moment, the last thing you want to do when the […]

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February 15th 2018

“Is this one of your “spirit bottles”?” Francine asked, pointing to a spot on the floor in the corner of the room. “Yes, that’s what I was talking about,” Myrna replied, moving into the kitchen. “Coarse salt in a jar with a perforated lid. Drops of rosemary and lavender essential oils.” “Cool,” Francine said, fascinated […]

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