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February 25th 2015

Aunt Lois took Kathryn by the hand. “If you happen upon a field that has bloomed with lush flowers overnight, steer clear of it, for that is where the Sidhe are gathering.” She paused a moment and brushed a stray hair from the girl’s forehead. “And if you are caught in the field as it […]

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January 27th 2015

They took the doll, Annabelle (and the thing that dwelt inside of it), and put it in a case under lock and key, restraints, blessings, and wards. Not even hell or high water could save her now; she had been too impatient and too confident. Percy the Clown (and the thing that dwelt inside of […]

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January 23rd 2015

He got into the car muttering. “What is it?” she asked, troubled. “Another dead bird,” he replied, buckling up. She gasped. “Another one? That’s disgusting! We have to talk to the neighbors about their cat; that’s like the sixth or seventh one!” “It’s not Bubba,” Jeffie said from his car seat in the back. “Not […]

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January 13th 2015

“We’d love to talk to you about Jeremy; we think he’s perfect!” they said to the director with bright smiles. “Please – step into the office,” she replied softly. When they sat down, she sighed and then smiled. “When we re-established an orphanage inside these old walls, we did our best to relieve the place […]

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January 10th 2015

“This town sucks,” she said with a heavy sigh. “I hate it here.” “We could go somewhere else – some place you’d be happier,” he offered. “I just want something to happen. I just want to be in a place where things happen, you know?” she continued, trying to smile. “I know,” he replied. They […]

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January 3rd 2015

The problem was growing; they could all see that. Simple begging and pleading did nothing but exacerbate hostilities within the family; he had grown both sullen and sarcastic, saying hurtful things and treating the others as if they were beneath him. In a final effort to make an impact, Smaug’s family attempted to get him […]

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