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September 25th 2017

“The cat vomited in the living room,” he said, stepping into the kitchen doorway. “Finders, cleaners,” she said with a smirk, tossing him the paper towels and bending to open the cabinet under the sink to get the spray goo. “The cat has retched up what appears to be a tiny finger or small toe,” […]

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Diary Pages: Nevermore

September 24th 2017

Not good. He opened my cage, I flew up here to stretch my wings (I’ve done it a million times before), and he’s been having a psychotic episode ever since. The muttering; the crazy eyes; the frenzied scribbling.
 Who the hell’s “Lenore”?
 Time to look for an open window and make a break for it.

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September 23rd 2017

When Scott pulled up, Bill was sitting on the porch smoking a cigarette in the dark (the lights of his house going on and off with screeching and roaring filling the cul-de-sac). “Dude,” he said, “your house is going nuts.” “Yeah,” Bill responded. “The things in the closet, attic, basement, and surrounding forest are having […]

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September 22nd 2017

Yumi met her teacher and classmates out at the site to present her design: a round independent living habitat that sat securely on its own platform high above the ground. “The ladder retracts,” she explained, using the remote to drop it down. “Two at a time, please.” For the next hour, they toured the little […]

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September 21st 2017

“This is the second time, Dennis,” Liz growled. “I … I know; I’m very sorry,” he responded, looking down at his lap. “I wasn’t thinking and I just acted and it was wrong.” “In a corporate environment, you cannot follow up behind someone and sniff them below the waist,” Liz rumbled (her teeth clenched). “I […]

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September 20th 2017

“I cannot tell you what I know,” the letter began, “but I can share what you do not.” The old paper was soft and so delicate that some feared the act of reading would tear it. “Death is a minor inconvenience and that about sums it up. The world is all about checks and balances, […]

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September 19th 2017

“It’s right up here,” Darren said, pointing. They trudged up the steep hill, arriving at a flat terrace upon which sat an old wooden well. Emily gasped as a little dog came out from behind it, shy but with its tail wagging. “Oh, you guys!” she cooed. “How bad can a place be if there’s […]

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September 18th 2017

Malvos found Worth sitting in front of the wall of calculations, every space completely full, rubbing the chalk slowly between his thumb and forefinger. “Worth?” he asked gently. “You okay?” “Oh, yes, yes,” Worth replied, shaking his head and sitting up. “There’s no place to write anything even if you did have a new idea,” […]

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Diary Pages: Auntie Em

September 17th 2017

After the storm, we looked and looked, calling her name until night fell and we had no voices left. Nothing. The men fear the worst, but I am calm (even happy). When I saw the funnel cloud, I knew that Oz had come for the girl, just as it had come for me (back in […]

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September 16th 2017

Meredith pulled slowly into the public parking lot, turning her lights off and rolling into a spot near the top of the stairs. The sea air and the sound of the waves were hypnotic and she closed her eyes and breathed deeply as she got out of the car. “Steady, steady,” Meredith whispered, letting her […]

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