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October 6th 2013

Computer issues will limit uploads here for the next 2 weeks.  Daily postings will continue to happen on my Facebook page, but an official update to this site will need to wait until the week of 10/20.  A true horror story is only having your phone for tech …  

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Tansy Goat

May 27th 2012

I cannot deny that, if I were a goat, I’d be up in everybody’s business exactly like THIS.  Too perfect, really.

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Something for Lucrezia

May 19th 2012

A recipe for Cold Blood: 1.5 parts ginger ale 1 part ruby port 1/4 part orange juice serve over ice garnished with cherries or apples  

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Damn and Damn

May 16th 2012

Nicole Girtman of the Geek Girls Book Club told me today that Stephen King is writing a sequel to “The Shining”.  Apparently, this new book features Danny as a very messed up (and I think we understand why) psychic of 35.  Holy buckets.  I don’t know whether to sit very still or run in circles.

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Something Wicked

May 12th 2012

I used to run a book club called “Something Wicked”, where a small group of us would read works of dark fiction (we’d pulled at random out of a hat) and meet to discuss them over coffee every couple of months or so.  It was fun, and sometimes I wish it were still going.  I’ve […]

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Enter the Foodie Catacombs

March 17th 2012

Truly epic, stunning meal last night in a wine cellar guarded by gargoyles; I cannot say enough about Sanctuary.

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March 17th 2012

Cleaning up after an epic spam wave.  May karma pay an urgent call on all Spam Masters, rewarding them in abundance and in kind.  

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Harvest Preparations

November 10th 2011

Mrs. Thornwit put her eyes forward and kept them forward; she could ill afford to let them fall upon little Bethany, whose moist and plump hand she clutched firmly in her own.  She kept a brisk pace – at times almost dragging the girl.  Beth giggled and chattered merrily away to an unseen companion and […]

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Influences: H.P. Lovecraft – The Neurotic

August 27th 2011

A child prodigy born into a suspect gene pool (his family was afflicted with serious mental illness on both sides), Howard Phillips Lovecraft was reading and writing poetry by the age of six. A brilliant loner fascinated by chemistry and astronomy, his own mental anguishes prevented him from receiving his high school diploma.  Financial hardship, […]

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Influences: Edgar Allan Poe – The Technician

August 21st 2011

I find it difficult to write when I’ve had a long and stressful day, feel a cold coming on or simply am not in the mood.  On the Edgar Allan Poe scale, this is the equivalent of not writing out of fear I’ll break a nail. Poe’s short life (he died at age 40) was […]

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