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Influences: H.P. Lovecraft – The Neurotic

August 27th 2011

A child prodigy born into a suspect gene pool (his family was afflicted with serious mental illness on both sides), Howard Phillips Lovecraft was reading and writing poetry by the age of six. A brilliant loner fascinated by chemistry and astronomy, his own mental anguishes prevented him from receiving his high school diploma.  Financial hardship, […]

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Influences: Edgar Allan Poe – The Technician

August 21st 2011

I find it difficult to write when I’ve had a long and stressful day, feel a cold coming on or simply am not in the mood.  On the Edgar Allan Poe scale, this is the equivalent of not writing out of fear I’ll break a nail. Poe’s short life (he died at age 40) was […]

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Filling Station

August 21st 2011

Now playing at the website and via iTunes.

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So Very Childlike, Really

August 11th 2011

From an interview with Herrick Grimmer, head butler to the Redde-Chapel sisters: “The ladies are delightful.  Oh, some call them strange and keep their distance, but walk out one’s door and try to avoid the brutish and intellectually tepid … it’s simply impossible. For Mrs. Undercrypt’s birthday, Mrs. Dreadpenny insisted on making the cake herself. […]

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August 3rd 2011

If you haven’t treated yourself to a reading of Joe Hill’s “Horns”, you don’t know what you’re missing. Absolutely the best literal use of Christian iconography in a horror book to date.  Fresh and darkly delightful, frightening and funny.  All kinds of win on top of win with extra win sauce.

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