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November 30th 2012

They had named him “Dingo” but, at 8 pounds, the little Miniature Pinscher knew he wasn’t fierce enough to eat anyone’s baby any time soon. The truth was, he was scared to go out in the backyard (where the huge beast from next door lived to intimidate him through the chain link fence). Today, however, […]

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November 29th 2012

Looking back at the set before turning the lights off, Fred felt very strongly that it was time. The sooner the children knew the truth, the better it would be. The trolley and the mailman, the talking bear and the princess – they were all fine but, come next taping, Rogers would introduce a cultist, […]

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November 28th 2012

“Language! LANGUAGE!” Miss Millpepper cried, hearing Emily O’Brien throw down a string of Effenheimers as she ran from the clearing. “GIRLS!” Miss Millpepper cried again, as Emily’s Bluebird tent partner, Wanda Schultz, ran past screaming and hurling her father’s favorite cuss combo into the darkening forest. She was about to stomp into the area to […]

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November 27th 2012

“Um … Dad?” Troy’s father turned to see the djinn emerge from the cloud of black smoke engulfing the antiques shop – his skin a scarlet red, his eyes a surprising crystal blue. “Troy! What the hell?” “I .. just … this lamp …”. The djinn turned his eyes to the pair, smiling, his golden […]

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November 26th 2012

Nina sat down in front of the monk at his invitation; she looked at his maroon and gold robes, but would not meet his gaze. “I know what it looks like,” Nina said, trying not to mumble. “Yes, I’m goth and everything, but … okay … I’m afraid of death.” “There is much to fear […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon, Snippet #15

November 25th 2012

It was some time before Yuri Baldostovich, distracted by [BLANK], noticed that his companion had fled the tower by [BLANK]. He surmised that she was ill-prepared for [BLANK].     (Illustration by Edward Gorey) Tansy’s answer:  the Sunday circular, means of her own death, a life of extreme couponing. (Post your own answers and read […]

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November 24th 2012

They found little Connie standing to the side of the road, a few steps down from the flare, wearing a boy’s peacoat; she had been missing in near blizzard conditions for almost 12 hours. As the paramedics whisked her away, Sheriff Jack Daly stared out into the blowing snow. A car had gone off of […]

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November 23rd 2012

His parents waited patiently as he sat on Santa’s lap, cameras ready. Clark Rogers, hung over and wearing an ill-fitting white beard, felt a little nauseous as the kid looked deeply into his eyes. “So, little guy,” Clark Santa said weakly, “what do you want me to bring you for Christmas?” “Dominion over all of […]

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November 22nd 2012

9:53am: Christopher is grateful for agility, dodging two zombies outside of the grocery store. 10:17am: He is grateful for exceptional hand/eye coordination, fighting his way to the front door of his house with the groceries and putting the key into the lock. 3:49pm: Chris is grateful for the Survivor Online Network, which runs a community […]

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November 21st 2012

She practiced every day. At 20 yards, she could bore a hole into a tree with a shelled nut; she had collected enough nuts to fill a depression she’d made with her body at the edge of the jungle. They’d killed her mate for his ivory, taken her baby to live in a cage somewhere; […]

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