Tansy Undercrypt
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December 31st 2012

After the opera, Joan’s date opened great leathery wings, gripped her in his talons, and flew her away. He peeked at her while flying and she was looking around, not squirming. He swooped into a deluxe crypt in an unknown city, where he lit a fire and pushed her onto a red velvet chaise, biting […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon, Snippet #20

December 30th 2012

The Merrimather-Waitings and the Clocksmith-Caruthers attended the fete, drawn by its [BLANK] and obvious [BLANK]. Secretly, both parties were delighted to [BLANK]. (Illustration by Edward Gorey) Tansy’s answer:  free food, new year timeliness, wear clothing as garish as the wallpaper out in public. (Post your own answers and read the genius of others on the […]

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December 29th 2012

They found the ancient bottle embedded in ice almost 180 feet down in the Hirsch-Arwa Trench; rum, probably, from the handblown shape. Fortiss did everything he could to keep the bottle intact, but it cracked and then shattered during defrosting. The note inside, however, remained almost new – as if it had just been written. […]

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December 28th 2012

She brought her walker up flush with the sink and rested her forehead against the mirror. It began, “Even near death, you remain the fairest …”. “Hush now, old friend,” Eva interrupted, patting the glass gently. “I’m going soon; I can feel it. I’d like to do something for you before that happens. I’m wondering: […]

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December 27th 2012

With the new year almost here, Sauron pondered his resolutions. Being less obsessive compulsive about The Ring would certainly give him some work/life balance, but he wondered if something simpler would be easier to achieve. Maybe he could take a bit of black magic and build a mighty eyelid.  “Yesssss!” he thought to himself, elated. […]

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December 26th 2012

The Ghost of Christmas Present packed up his things: the twinkling lights, the goblets, the tinsel and bows, the incredible feast, his party clothes, the cheer … as well as the sadness and lack that clung to it (something for Ignorance and Want to carry). Soon, there would be a knock on the door and […]

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December 25th 2012

Between what was called “Yule” and “Christmas Day”, his kind were only allowed to walk the earth for an hour after sunset – a restriction connected to the world’s annual process of renewal and sanctification. The young ones suffered and starved during this time, barely enduring its agony, but Dracula had seen more than a […]

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December 24th 2012

He moved down to town and took a Who job (leading bus tours for the Whats when they visited the city). The Grinch had a life that was merry and bright, ‘though he was cavesick more than he admitted. A few Christmases later, his little dog passed, and he thought he would die from the […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon, Snippet #19

December 23rd 2012

Meribell Flimdimley, casually drifting through the Sopholter sitting room humming “[BLANK]”, paused at the tree to admire its prodigious application of baubles and beads. “[BLANK],” she whispered, peering into the depths of the thing at what appeared to be a [BLANK]. (Illustration by Edward Gorey) Tansy’s answer:  Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, “O, Most Horrible […]

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December 22nd 2012

She listened as he walked her through his drawing – his proof that a sleigh filled with many tons of toys, pulled by non-flying mammals, couldn’t possibly exist. His eyes filled with tears. “But, Nikola,” she said gently, “if we take as our assumption that this IS possible and DOES happen, we must approach the […]

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