Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 31st 2013

Matt sat in the living room with the lights off, listening to the wind howl. A storm was building inside as well. He knew that something had to change in his life, but he didn’t know where to start – he felt less bright, less interesting, less … capable than ever before. A large branch […]

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January 30th 2013

She loved this Time of Men, with its rosy softness and its tender salty-sweet of curds and whey. She watched the little miss come into the clearing and settle upon a cushion, fishing a snack out of her basket (several filaments she’d run along the grass of the clearing vibrated in a kind of excitement). […]

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January 29th 2013

On the playground, the negotiations would begin, and offers of assistance would lead to the formation of alliances. When the actual time arrived to play Musical Chairs, however, it was all sabotage, power plays, and betrayal. Ned didn’t have to beg his dad to watch “Game of Thrones”; he was living it out at school […]

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January 28th 2013

When the snowstorm started, Grandpa closed all of the curtains and locked the doors at the top (so that the children couldn’t reach). He set out snacks and got the really noisy games down to keep everyone busy – keep them from looking outside. The snow stuck to it (the ectoplasm or whatever it was) […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon, Photograph #2

January 27th 2013

Several pages of photographs have been inserted within the lexicon, their purpose and significance unknown. All images are marked with a name and a location, but handwriting experts are needed to decipher the additional notations found on the fronts or backs. This print is identified only as ”Widow’s Contraband, Pennsylvania”. The back reads “[BLANK]“. (Source: […]

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January 26th 2013

“There she is,” Beatrice hissed to her sister when Eugenia started down the aisle facing them. Eugenia Sutter’s decidedly-not-mourning-attire was a vibrant purple with bright red velvet trim. Constance made a clucking sound as Eugenia passed. “She’s just so tawdry!” one exclaimed. “So horrible and scandalous!” the other chimed in. “So worth a complete fall […]

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January 25th 2013

During that whole “Ariel’s-sold-parts-of-herself-to-a-witch-for-love” debacle, Jeff and Jenny (also a son and daughter of Triton) each packed a giant conch and left for the deep sea. No one cared about water pollution or overfishing or acts of diplomacy to bring the ocean factions together. It was clear that they were neither beautiful nor shallow enough […]

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January 24th 2013

Bedford (the Beagle) was the town howler; one if by land (animal control van), two if by sea (big storm coming in). When Dash and Smudge heard the long short short looooooooong short short, they paused. Three? “Zombie apocalypse,” wuffled Airstream lowly. “Get the others and tell them to bring their rugs or blankets and […]

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January 23rd 2013

Analise told the first story: that of  a vampire so horrible and so bold that he would show himself wherever he went, hiding in plain sight. Others added their own tales in turn, eyes wide with terror as they described the fiend stepping out from the crowd where he’d been all along, moving unnoticed through […]

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January 22nd 2013

He fished year-round although, to be truthful, ice fishing was more rewarding. Impervious to the cold, you’d sit staring at the surface of the water – the excitement building over your catch, your vision tunneled to that singular dark hole in a field of white, watching the line pull snug, seeing the bobber go. Somehow, […]

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