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February 28th 2013

In a trance, she rage quilted – her hair wild, droplets of blood on the fabric where she’d stabbed herself with the needle and carried on. When she came back into herself, Mrs Lovecraft discovered she’d sewn blocks of strange characters together with a border of green curling tentacles. In the center, a repulsive book […]

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February 27th 2013

On his last day, Paul left his tape and stapler on Mark’s desk, his Post-It notes on Linda’s, and a jar of honey with a note on Nancy’s. “You’re a good person and I believe you when you say you just want to be happy,” he’d written, “but you complain all of the time. Your […]

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February 26th 2013

“Little Devon wants to be president some day; don’t you, Devon?” Charlene nudged the boy towards Luella for her blessing, his finger pushed into his right nostril up to the second knuckle. At that moment, Bertram came down the stairs, masking tape horns stuck to his T-Ball helmet and bike streamers glued to some old […]

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February 25th 2013

Moto was just about to smash the glass to steal the iPad when Finesse saw the markings on the windshield. “Stop! Oh, shit! SPELL!” He released the brick with a shriek, not caring that it landed on his shoulder and then his foot. Finesse checked again; “Sigil,” she said, trembling. Someone had licked their finger […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon, Photograph #6

February 24th 2013

This insert is stamped “Mooseville, Michigan”. The back reads “[BLANK]“. (Source: unknown) Tansy’s answer:  “Ned, all signs point to a poor carrot crop.” (Post your own answers and read the genius of others on the Tansy Undercrypt Facebook page here.)

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New Day

February 23rd 2013

The wishing well sat at the top of the hill and waited.  Yesterday, a neighbor dropped in a search flyer after they’d successfully found the little girl; it arranged for him to find what was missing in his life. A carjacker had thrown a keychain down, so it made sure a police car would be […]

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February 22nd 2013

Marjorie had dispatched them herself over the years, not wanting to spend perfectly good money on some New Age rainbow end. That’s how she spun it – that she had always been practical – instead of the truth about the violence and how much she liked it. Now, as Marjorie looked out at the fence […]

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February 21st 2013

Alfred picked up the shin guards, the knee supports, the elbow wraps, every piece of Kevlar made for the human body, the mask and cape (of course), and … the Superman underpants. He looked over at a battered, bruised, and sleeping Bruce Wayne and smiled tenderly. Sometimes, you just need your friends close.

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February 20th 2013

“So, I’m in the living room, stealing her stereo equipment, and this red light flicks on in the darkness. I realize it’s a laser site beam and, instead of crapping myself and begging for my life, I say ‘You gonna shoot me in the head, Grandma?’ Just like that.” The men in the circle listen, […]

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February 19th 2013

“Just think about it!” Carla urged them. “If I was going to be the AntiSomebody, I’d show up as a complete opposite, right?  First, I’d be a girl.” They raised their beers and laughed. “I’d be filthy rich for no reason of my own; I’d have no moral fiber and it would never hold me […]

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