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The Undercryptic Lexicon Book of Midnight Poetry: Poem #2

June 30th 2013

LINE 1:  “And so I linger, waiting here,” said the shadow on the wall. LINE 2:  [your addition] Tansy’s answer:  “Although for what,” it sighed and withered some, “I cannot quite recall.” (Post your own answers and read the genius of others on the Tansy Undercrypt Facebook page here.)  

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June 29th 2013

The Mad Hatter sat glumly at the table, filling the teapots and sighing dramatically. “Alice … no Alice … chaos … no chaos …,” he mumbled. He wondered how many times they’d have to do this over and over again. The White Rabbit twitched beside him, nervously burbling. “What kind of tea this time, Hatter?” […]

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June 28th 2013

Beaufort had passed the man before his brain served up the most tenuous of recollections and he turned.  “Lovecraft?” Beaufort asked, almost afraid the gaunt and pale rack of clothing before him would answer. It did. “Yes,” came the weary reply, “it is I.” “Gods, man! I’d heard you’d gone on some deep sea exploration […]

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June 27th 2013

Mischief sat on the edge of the bed, listening to Gary sigh loudly. She’d shift a bit, cross her dainty paws, survey the bedroom (all corners), and then look back at the boy, who was angrily jerking his Playstation 3 controller all over the place while complaining that he was bored to no one in […]

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June 26th 2013

“Winter is here again, O Lord,” the guy at the bus stop sang softly, “… sent a letter on a long summer day …” The woman in the grey business suit started humming in spite of herself, “… Oh, I can’t take this very much longer …” And everyone joined in under their breath at […]

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June 25th 2013

They lined up, congratulating Rex on his presentation, praising his strong handling of the facts in a straightforward and accessible way; his boss was the first to shake his hand. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jerry slink sullenly out of the room. Rex’s nose twitched slightly; he could smell anger and […]

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June 24th 2013

Sarah stood by her desk at the head of the class, clutching the espresso grande for dear life. She looked at the happy, rosy-cheeked second graders as they filed in and sat down, trying to smile and forgiving them for being Little Morning People. This was the worst part of the Witness Protection Program – […]

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LEXICON UPDATE: Discovery of the “Book of Midnight Poetry”

June 23rd 2013

Stewards of the Undercryptic Lexicon have discovered that the photographic section previously under scrutiny has suddenly and mysteriously been replaced by the “Book of Midnight Poetry”. This book-within-the-book contains incomplete poetry stanzas that we are asking researchers to apply their skills to complete. Each poem is accompanied by an image for reference. The change is […]

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June 22nd 2013

Rescuers found the Sopwith Camel weeks after its disappearance in the high mountains of Peru. Snoopy was found – impossibly thin, but alive – sitting near a meager fire (burning the last of the plane itself). “Linus?” they asked, spotting no one, and the dog hung his head low. In Snoopy’s food bowl, a clean […]

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June 21st 2013

“And there he was, an old man – bald, hunched over, and stripped down to his skivvies,” Aunt Alberta laughed delightedly, “walking down Main Street with his arms wide – the lightning striking him repeatedly.  He got younger and younger with every jolt.” Hannah looked over at her mom, who was trying to shush the […]

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