Tansy Undercrypt
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July 31st 2013

Jax stood next to the old woman, his head hung low as they waited for the transport pod. “Are you all right, my dear?” she whispered in a thin, wobbly voice. “No,” he replied, “my companion is dying; I don’t know what I’m going to do without him.” The ball of fluff squeaked as it […]

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July 30th 2013

The small tribe of bonesingers began, humming gently over the pile that had been discovered in the mound. After awakening, the bones could be spoken to; they could be asked their wishes for reburial. Two hours into the trance, Green Mountain Bear began to laugh uncontrollably, followed by the others with some toe-tapping and finger […]

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July 29th 2013

After his arrest, the agents looked through Abe Sapien’s tank and rooms to find that he’d been reading trashy horror novels (instead of the classics) for some time. There was also evidence that he’d been watching “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” on repeat and eating sushi instead of rotten eggs (a kind of cannibalism, […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon Book of Midnight Poetry: Poem #6

July 28th 2013

LINE 1:  “Where one is good, two is better,” Mother softly sighed.” LINE 2:  [your addition] Tansy’s answer:  “So we remain inseparable, my evil twin and I.” (Post your own answers and read the genius of others on the Tansy Undercrypt Facebook page here.)

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July 27th 2013

When Hellboy discovered Facebook, it was LOLcat pictures, game invites, stupid articles, job complaints, trolling for sympathy, and vaguebooking twenty-four-seven. Everybody just rolled with it and said nothing; Right Hand of Doom and all that.

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July 26th 2013

Becky tried not to be disappointed that Troy hadn’t even left her a card; his first big book tour as a writer and the first time they’d been apart for more than 2 weeks since they met. She sighed. The heat of the day was rising and the air conditioning kicked on, but not before […]

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July 25th 2013

It was clear to Weaselface that top demons like Talonback had it all: favor, comfort, power, even an occasional rest from the grind. How often had he seen the hoof come down on the little guys – lesser demons like him, just trying to do their jobs and get by? Sure, it was The Inferno […]

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July 24th 2013

Following a grisly murder on Monday night, several area businesses reported the discovery of human organs on, in, or near their buildings. A brain had been put down the local library’s manual book return chute where it was discovered by Mitchell Gleason. Gleason was the last to report the find, spending two days filing the […]

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July 23rd 2013

Mia came down to the inlet at dusk, knowing that the mermaids were leaving. The few she’d seen out on the rocks recently coughed and sputtered from the mounting pollution; she  missed their singsong voices, like crystal chimes stirring in a light breeze. Mia saw dark shadows in the water heading towards the canal and, […]

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July 22nd 2013

In Boise, he drank too much and spilled his guts: why they’d all gotten their grandfather’s prisoner number tattooed on their bodies, how they’d studied and watched the signs, when they’d first realized that the Reich was reincarnating. His audience was captivated, but skeptical, so he showed the guy a picture taken last month in […]

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