Tansy Undercrypt
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October 31st 2013

Peeps and Baxter came in from the backyard cowering in the corner and trembling with fear. “Aw, poor puppies!” Marie cooed. “I should have warned you that it’s Halloween and there are all kinds of kids wandering about!” As she finished, Brian came through the doorway to check on the dogs, stepping right through her. […]

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October 30th 2013

Signs had been posted around town to warn off the burglar who’d broken into 2 homes already. When the alarms for Mrs Barker’s place sounded, police and neighbors rushed to the scene, afraid of what they would find. The Barkers had made good on their promise to not eat anyone local, but they had no […]

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October 29th 2013

The bird flew out of his cage and exited the solarium window unnoticed, circling the estate for several hours before entering another mansion to rest on a perch above a door. Nevermore had been trained to say his name and knock for food or water, so he began to do both repeatedly. He had no […]

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October 28th 2013

“I wish my skin would clear up,” Devon said to his grandfather (the empty room). ‘It will, Son; just lay off the fried foods like we talked about and shower more often,’ said the kindly spirit at the foot of the bed. “And that Alice girl I like thinks I’m a dumbass, I’m pretty sure,” […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon Book of Midnight Poetry: “Mirror”

October 27th 2013

Line 1: “The face I see inside the glass is not my own; alas! Alack!” Line 2: (your words here) Tansy’s contribution:¬†You’ve paid good money to ensure the original will not come back.

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October 26th 2013

Dino was found partially devoured yet inexplicably moving, so they put him down. The children were in hysterics, beyond intelligible, and Betty was missing. “Not good; not good at all,” Fred muttered to himself, the hairs on his neck prickling. He called for Wilma. He was late for work and fairly certain that Barney had […]

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October 25th 2013

The ghost teens attended Prom as well, styling spectacular clothes out of their ectoplasm and hearing the music from their own time coming out of the speakers. The living felt prickles of cold by the punch bowl and unexplained drafts which they promptly blamed on barely there evening wear, but the ghosts were oblivious to […]

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October 24th 2013

Dracula spoke to Leland at his family’s request; he encouraged the vampire to forego his legendary stubbornness and get fitted for a prosthetic wing. “London’s Great Fire was a long time ago,” Drac offered matter-of-factly, “and although the loss of one wing is significant, it need not continue to negatively impact your unlife.” “It doesn’t,” […]

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October 23rd 2013

The coyotes gathered at the treeline – eager, twitchy. There were only 16 of them so far, but the howl had been sounded and more were coming (hundreds more). This was a small town and they were fairly certain that they could take it down easily. The first to go would be anyone who’d said […]

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October 22nd 2013

Thor hated when relatives would visit and the obligatory baby books would come out. By Odin, the bathtub shots were bad enough, but they would eventually come to the picture of his first weekend in college. Holding a beer stein bigger than a frost giant’s head and drunk as a skunk, he aped for the […]

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