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December 31st 2013

The Life Bar opened its opulent doors to the street, glowing with light and pulsing with music. Golden glitter blew gently onto the walkway outside. The placard in front read: “All are welcome! DJ Memories is here to spin the hits one last and final time, while Honesty and Wisdom are standing by to serve […]

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December 30th 2013

Leon laid in bed giggling. He was tempted to leap out and run to his grandma’s room to tell her about the old man, but he knew the rules: wake up prayers, bathroom, get dressed. They didn’t speak about the gift. Later on, at the grocery store, Leon felt that certain kind of heart tingle […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon: Caption #3

December 29th 2013

What is the caption for this photograph? Tansy’s answer:  The house weathered but never fell, so they left it alone. It was always the Dust Bowl inside: dry air rushing across plain, worn surfaces, open but uninhabited. Surely, it was some kind of warning. (Post your own answers and read the genius of others on […]

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December 28th 2013

“As we regress you, I’ll take notes about your various lives and we’ll discuss anything that isn’t clear when you awake,” the therapist had said. When Carolyn awoke, however, there was no one in the office; in fact, it looked like the doctor and all of his staff had fled. Confused and frightened, she went […]

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December 27th 2013

Burgess put the papers carefully upon the desk. “This is impossible. Sorcerers? Druids? Magic and madness in World War II?” “I know it seems far-fetched,” Thrombold answered, “but Churchill’s private papers cover only what lengths the Allies went to.” “You’re having me on,” Burgess grinned tightly until two other folios were placed in front of […]

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December 26th 2013

Claus and Krampus shared their traditional spiked nog in front of an open fire at the North Pole. “Another successful year!” Santa observed. “And I can’t help but congratulate you on your remarkable rise in popularity. Long overdue!” “Thanks! Yeah,” Krampus mused and nodded, “I’m not sure how all of that came about, but it’s […]

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December 25th 2013

Christopher and Amelia drove silently through the deserted town, their tension growing. It wasn’t a thriving metropolis, but it was Christmas and surely someone was about … on Main Street, at the gas stop, at the bar? Speeding through the next light, they arrived at the house to find every single light on and the […]

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December 24th 2013

The flight attendants loitered expertly, eavesdropping but not appearing to do so. Phil, whose little brother was born deaf, translated the sign language that the ancient twins placed into each other’s delicate, papery palms. “What do the Cloud People say this time?” “They say: do not be fooled when life is hard – when the […]

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December 23rd 2013

“You always look so well rested,” a young vampire in the second row observed enviously. “A simple combination of logic and intent,” Dracula pointed out to the class, whose dark circles gave their glowing yellow eyes a brighter, more disturbing intensity. “When you awake, hit the coffee and donut shops first; this will help you […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon: Caption #2

December 22nd 2013

The Lexicon is as frustrating as it is fascinating. Here, all text falls away leaving only vague images with no clues or guidance. Researchers are being asked to provide any assistance they can based on their experience with the book. What is the caption for this photograph? (Photograph by Hellen Van Meene) Tansy’s answers:  Their […]

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