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February 28th 2014

“Boys!” their mothers yelled. “It’s time to come in!” But time had stopped out in the forest with all of the fresh berries, mysterious lights to investigate, and piles of comic books and packets of crisps in their backpacks. It was hard to imagine a place more magical than this, a night more perfect for […]

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February 27th 2014

When she was brave enough to leave Jerry (after years of neglect and barely-disguised contempt), Arlene simply walked him to Apt 314 under the pretense of introducing him to new friends she’d made. When the door opened to her knock, Arlene looked down (so as not to stare and be disrespectful) and said, “I’m Arlene […]

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February 26th 2014

To unwind after a hard day, the monster would pop in an old VHS tape of “The Wizard of Oz” and play the first half. Frankenstein would watch it (glued to the screen) or he’d play it in the background while making dinner (and singing along). The search for a brain and a heart and […]

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February 25th 2014

“Father appreciated his daughters equally, calling us ‘the flowers from his life’s garden’,” she reminisced tenderly, moving down the main aisle of the greenhouse. “And yet he understood our differences. Lily was pale and delicate where Daisy was wild and outspoken, and Rose was serene (in a confident, all-eyes-on-me way).” She laughed quietly. “And you, […]

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February 24th 2014

The surviving strays knew long before it occurred to the humans. “Don’t eat that stuff,” the Alphas would say to newcomers, batting the brightly colored crumbs into the nearest gutter. “Let the rats take it, get fat, and then eat them later.” Whining and drooling would be the typical response. “Trust us,” they’d say. “Put […]

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The Undercryptic Lexicon: Caption #11

February 23rd 2014

What is the caption for this photograph? Tansy’s answer:  “It has only been a hundred years; why does no one talk about the first world war?” the ghostly soldier asked. I, uncomfortable, made some insufferable excuse and he was gone. (Post your own answers and read the genius of others on the Tansy Undercrypt Facebook […]

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February 22nd 2014

The Night Bus turned the corner on a whisper, silently moving down the street. Its black windows reflected the streetlights, neon signs, and any stars bold enough to hold their own against the artificial glow of the city. It was impossible to see the driver and there was no indication of where the coach was […]

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February 21st 2014

“When I go to one of those planetary injustice or save the animals sites, I’m usually okay,” Banner said, scratching his head. “I mean … I know what I’m going to see; I can manage my reaction.” He paused. “This time, though, I just lost it. I turned in, like, 4 nanoseconds. It was surreal. […]

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February 20th 2014

Now that she was a woman of leisure, Marjorie rode public transit all day, watching the world safely from the heated and cooled coaches and marveling at the people. Some were dressed to the nines, and it brought back memories of painting seams down your legs to give the illusion of stockings; some were barely […]

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February 19th 2014

The bright light at the end of the tunnel was real; he moved towards it quickly as his excitement grew. Then, inexplicably, Berg was moving away from it even faster, a high-pitched alarm sounding as his eyes shot open (not an alarm, as it turned out; he was screaming). Someone put a piece of tape […]

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