Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


November 29th 2014

“Beth Ann had a suit – a boy’s tailored black suit, and she would come to your house if your fish or rodent had died (never anything bigger) and give it a proper funeral,” he said, pausing to enjoy the memory. “She had a special net for the fish and a little ‘burial at sea’ […]

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November 28th 2014

“Preparation is 90% of success” had been Nana’s motto, and Clarence had adopted it, becoming a person who put the necessary research and planning into any endeavor. After inspecting the house closely (she’d left it to him), he was delighted to discover a secret room built between the bathroom and the living room behind the […]

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The Guest

November 27th 2014

Heather started picking up the extra place setting at the table. “No!” Dennis said, putting the knife and fork back where they’d been. “You have to keep that there for the spirit or whatever!” “The what?” she responded, surprised. “The spirit thing that follows us from house to house; it likes to be included at […]

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November 26th 2014

They’d had other guests in the house before and were generous with food and accommodations. None had ever stayed so long as Goldilocks, however, and the bears were growing concerned that their porridge supplies were rapidly dwindling. “She can really put it away,” Papa Bear had remarked on more than one occasion. Mama Bear urged […]

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November 25th 2014

She fixed the small lace collar at her neck, straightened the pale pink sweater, and smoothed the plaid skirt. The dramatic eye was gone from the face in the mirror, likewise the scarlet lip; she was neutral now with just a hint of blush and gloss. She sighed, but moved out to the car with […]

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November 24th 2014

When Matt came to, he was slumped in the snack aisle of the Baron Street Piggly Wiggly on a pile of chips he’d pulled down; he’d drooled (or worse) all over his shirt. “Hey, you’re back!” Chuck said, helping him sit up. There were tears in his eyes. “Who came through?” Matt asked weakly. “My […]

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November 22nd 2014

Eleanor sat in a chair holding the pan of bars on her lap, thinking it through. Several of her friends came up, asking when the goodies would be served, but she didn’t answer right away; Eleanor didn’t like to be pressured. After almost 20 minutes, she stood up, took the cover off of the pan […]

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November 21st 2014

As they read the list of his heinous crimes aloud, Fred showed no emotion. “Cursing, astral manipulation, poisoning, kinesis with intentions to harm, thought control, necromancy, necrophilia, animal cruelty, and bullying. His aim? To extend the reach of his sorry life – in this one and the next – through the use of a simple […]

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November 20th 2014

The zombie apocalypse began during the late shift, and the Dairy Queen grounds were packed with post-game idiots. “On the one hand, no Chem test tomorrow,” Hannah said to Decker while nailing pieces of metal shelving up over the windows. Peeking out, she noticed a number of people just standing there, pre-frenzy. “On the other, […]

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November 19th 2014

Peters listened carefully, occasionally taking notes. “Well, we can’t stay in any kind of hotel or motel,” the mother began. “Or farms; can’t do petting zoos or any kind of camping,” the father added. “He’s very withdrawn and distracted at school.” “No trips to the beach or even the circus.” “No antique stores.” Peters offered […]

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