Tansy Undercrypt
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December 31st 2014

Afterwards, he had a certain kind of slacker hero fame – the kind that gets you a nod and some free beer. Over time, however, the old insecurities returned and he wanted more out of life – wanted to be more and give more. “So let’s focus and turn some of this shite around,” Shaun […]

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December 30th 2014

Boyd turned off of the main highway with a heavy sigh. About 3 miles in, a terrified doe sprinted across the road with nothing visibly in pursuit. “Yep,” he whispered. A house or shack where he hadn’t remembered one before had a light on in one window. “Yep,” Boyd said again. He didn’t look at […]

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December 29th 2014

Li Wen made a sour face at the end of her round kicks practice. “I do not like it when you say that I will be legendary,” she said, bowing to her master. “I do not want to make an enemy so great that I must die in an epic battle to vanquish them.” The […]

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December 27th 2014

The Ghosts sat near the fire, celebrating the end of another cycle of coming and going with spirits of their own. From the doorway, Ignorance and Want dashed into the room and returned to their places beneath the robe of Christmas Present. Past shuddered. “You let them OUT?” it asked, horrified. “Well, to be clear, […]

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December 26th 2014

The Letters Elf went to knock upon the door of the Klaus’ private apartment, but was stopped by the Head Elf just in time. “You must be new,” the Head Elf said curtly. “They are not to be disturbed for any reason at this time. I am to be given their mail; if I find […]

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December 25th 2014

The trees absorbed as much as they could, standing there in the thick of it. They took in the grief behind the smiles, the desperate longing behind the well-wishes, the embarrassment and fear of failure behind the gift giving. They were toasted and songs were sung, and the trees twinkled and watched over the presents […]

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December 24th 2014

“I have worked tirelessly, as you gentlemen know, to summon Marley’s Ghost and recreate the evening in which my forbear, Ebenezer, had his life-changing epiphany,” Scrooge reported to his colleagues, raising his glass. “I am astounded and quite pleased to announce that I was fundamentally successful.” His companions cheered, but then asked, “Fundamentally successful?” Ephram […]

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December 23rd 2014

She waited under the mistletoe patiently. Her prince would eventually arrive; he always did. They would share something to eat and drink, stare longingly at each other, fill the room with their whispers and coos; she would permit him a love bite or two … at the end of it, she would kill him and […]

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December 22nd 2014

Thranduil stormed into the hall. “Who has done this thing?” he seethed. “Who has put little sparkly lights all over the giant stag horns and tied an ornament to its tail?” The elves remained cautiously silent. “I will find you out,” he sharply whispered, “and when I do …” Bilbo sat in front of the […]

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December 20th 2014

Larry made sure the ladder was secure and then carefully reached out to the top of the tree, removing the angel. His eyes watering from holding them open, he rushed the ornament outside as quickly as he could, placing it in the metal trash can and putting a brick on top of the lid. “You […]

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