Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


April 30th 2015

The ocean was peaceful and quiet. As she moved through the deep, Jennifer called to the others – a honk of welcome that sounded eerie in the endless dark blue. She heard replies off in the distance, high whoops and low growls. Nothing disturbed her; there was nothing to do and nowhere to be. And […]

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April 29th 2015

It was Spring, and it was going the way it always did. The cherry, pear, and peach trees spent most of their days blowing around and flexing their branches, picking on the apple tree for being short and having fat fruit. The apple tree took it all in stride, concentrating on putting firm roots down, […]

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April 28th 2015

She was dancing underneath the cabana, its twinkling lights reflecting off of their glasses, their smiles bright, and their laughter loud. He sat just outside of the ring of tiki torches in a lawn chair, pale and uncomfortable in the Hawaiian shirt he agreed to wear (this once) just for her party. As she watched […]

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April 27th 2015

As the contagion spread, the medical community scrambled. Vaccines were urgently created for the young, the elderly were given powerful sleep aids, and controlled studies were being set up all over the globe. “We are not at ‘pandemic’ yet,” said an obviously harried nurse on television, “but we need to hurry. The cough is really […]

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April 25th 2015

Julie slid the papers under his door and left the dorm for the library (she had heard about last night’s party and knew he was likely still asleep). In the envelope attached to the packet, she’d returned his money; hopefully, this would make him less mad, but it was all going to go down however […]

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April 24th 2015

‘She picked it up before the first ring,’ Russell thought as a woman’s voice said, “Yes.” “Is this Becca?” “It is, and the answer is yes.” Russell hesitated, fell silent. “Look,” the voice continued, “you have the gift; you know you do. You just need a safe place to explore it and apply it.” He […]

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April 23rd 2015

From the letters archive: “… and so, in time, I know that you will see this to be the only choice I could have made. I am not destined for the lot of common men, but something greater, and you must remain to guard my legacy (you are so good with our children). Should you […]

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April 22nd 2015

The wolf, called to the stand, was neither big nor bad. He explained, through tears, that his times had been hard and – as his physician had testified – he’d been battling pertussis for months; visiting anyone was more of a wheezing and a coughing rather than a huffing and a puffing to take houses […]

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April 21st 2015

She rounded the corner of the bardo looking disheveled; he sighed. “You have seen him again?” “Don’t be ridiculous! There is no one else – I keep telling you! It is the wind!” she smoothed a braid while she spoke. “Let us not waste any more time,” he whispered, bringing a pendulum from his pocket. […]

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April 20th 2015

“And here’s Bruce in the bath again; cutest little thing and, oh my, did he love the water!” The ladies looked and cooed in appreciation; baby books were something they brought out from time to time (even now when the children were grown and out living their lives). “Even then, he was a serious and […]

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