Tansy Undercrypt
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August 31st 2015

“It doesn’t take actual magic to turn a scullery maid into a princess,” the tour guide said as they passed the house. “Here, resting in her mice-infested rooms in the basement, Her Royal Highness was not without friends – those in the village who were both kind and generous.” Pictures happened in a flurry as […]

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August 29th 2015

Grant got the appointment for Friday, easily tucking it into the close of the week (no need to explain why you were bugging out a little early). He had received a flyer about a new practice in the neighborhood – a tiny counseling center (no bigger than a cabin) was establishing itself with various specialties […]

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August 28th 2015

“The Buddha shaves his head because the beautiful shape of his skull is who he really is,” Ti said quietly. “And he paints on eyebrows because he wants to communicate his feelings without speech; do you see?” Chungya nodded. “And he smiles all of the time, because life is always a joy – even if […]

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August 27th 2015

“Where are those guys from ‘Supernatural’ when you need them?” Schultz said under his breath. The coroner slid up behind him, watching his minions bag and tag. “Obviously, this is a homicide,” he said. “Mm hmm,” Schultz answered, trying to remember the first episodes in Season One. “Good luck,” said the coroner, moving away with […]

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August 26th 2015

They mocked her, of course; as a fairy, having “The Power of Birds” was about as flashy as being assigned to teeth detail. Lightmary cursed her fate for a good long while until, one day, winging through the desert, she came to rest near a hover of vultures and marveled at her luck. That changed […]

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August 25th 2015

“Miracle Henny was born on a full moon Tuesday with no fingers or toes on the left side; said she wore ’em down clawing to get into this life,” Otis said. “It was high summer an’ the heat was beaten’ everybody down, but Miracle Henny had a low body temperature. Folks lined up down the […]

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August 24th 2015

“Dr. Jacobs, this is … the person I told you about,” Dr. Sperl said nervously. The vampire rose from the chair, its pallor keenly disguised by the glow of the hearth and its claws folded elegantly, bowing into the doctor’s fearful, outstretched hand. “We do not … so that you understand … shake hands; we […]

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August 22nd 2015

“So … you been waiting long?” said one soul to another near the back of the line. “Yeah, but it’s okay. I’m not in a rush to get the final decision,” it replied. “Bad, huh? Well, we all make mistakes,” said the first, trying to be kind. “Sure,” said the second, “but I kind of […]

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August 21st 2015

“I’ve planted flowers for everyone in my life,” Clara said, stepping out into the gardens. “Carnations for my mother. Orchids for my first sweetheart; he bought me my first corsage.” “It’s beautiful, Mrs. Porter,” the aide said softly. “Those – those Birds of Paradise are for my husband … George,” Clara said, the words coming […]

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August 20th 2015

“You boys goin’ out fishing?” Warner asked, appearing without warning by the boat. They jumped. “Uh … yeah,” Kevin said, throwing Colin a quick glance. “Better lakes to fish in,” Warner said, looking out at the water, scanning from side to side. Colin hesitated, not wanting to engage, but not wanting to go home empty-handed […]

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