Tansy Undercrypt
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April 25th 2012 in Microfiction

Oakwell put his hands up against the rifle aimed at his chest. “Now, Tate, don’t you go doin’ nuthin’ foolish. You ain’t a killer. Heck, neither is that gun!” He laughed nervously. “First part’s true; as a rule, I turn the other cheek to wrongs perpetrated against me,” the man replied steadily. “Ill deeds like the one you were caught doin’ to that child, however ….” His eyes narrowed slightly. “That’s a whole ‘nother thing.” Tate fired the first shot for recompense and the second for insulting his Winchester.

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They wheeled Ottoline out onto the front lawn like she’d asked, laughing as they watched her drawing symbols in the air from the windows. “You show some respect!” Merle hissed them to silence. “She’s giving her dreams away. Her people believe that you can release the dreams you never followed in this life to spare […]

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She walked slowly by them in her coronation robes, the triple crown high upon her brow. “And thus,” whispered the Lord Chamberlain to the High Chancellor, “does a red queen again take the throne; there will be blood.” Triva turned her head to cast a glance at him – the scarlet eyes a hallmark of […]

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