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May 23rd 2012 in Microfiction

After many years had passed, Barry found himself staring up at a spotlight feeling oddly disoriented. “Hadn’t I?” he stammered. “At the hospital?” Andy slipped an arm around his shoulders; the twins flanked him on the other side. “Wha?” he gasped, reaching out to touch them in disbelief. Robin smiled. “Welcome; now get to work. We’ve waited a long time for this reunion tour!” The curtains fully parted and the crowd went insane, the intro for “Stayin’ Alive” booming overhead.

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Eventually, they’d approached the werewolves about their marketing contacts. Honestly, that “only at the full moon” business was genius (it was, as it turns out, a long weekend OFF from the constant, month-long hunt). It would be fiendishly expensive, yes, and take decades (if not centuries) to determine the results; the vampires knew this. But, […]

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Deadly, the eighth dwarf, watched the young woman inside – dancing and singing with the other seven against the glow of the hearth. She was lovely and they were jovial; he did not begrudge them their high spirits. His dark hooded cloak kept him warm against the rain and the scythe he held before him […]

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