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October 22nd 2012 in Microfiction

Weston Kendrick had been bitten and stung so many times during his almost 30 years patrollin’ the canyon that his own bite had become poisonous. He didn’t even bother bleeding the wound if something got him, they say – just absorbed it and went right on. As a lawman frequently involved in fisticuffs, this proved mighty handy.

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Young Rupert Happenstance awoke filled with [BLANK]. Examining the contents of his most recent dream, he concluded that he did not want to [BLANK], preferring instead to remain [BLANK].



(Illustration by Edward Gorey)

Tansy’s answer:  dread, engage against the boys of St Bertold’s in a game of dodge ball, bruiseless.  (Post your own answers and read the […]

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She awoke from the strangest dream and it stayed with her all day. In it, she’d been a spider living at the top of a large doorway; a talking pig would happen by and they’d engage in conversation – or she’d weave him messages in her web. “How incredibly disturbing,” Charlotte thought with a shudder. […]

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