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November 19th 2012 in Microfiction

Red Riding Hood hurried through the woods off of the main path; she knew she was being hunted. They had found her brother and now the entire family had fled their quiet country home. It was Red’s job to warn her grandmother and see if she was well enough to leave her bed and travel. The moon overhead was almost full and the forest was full of shadows. Anxious about moving too slowly, she dropped the cloak, changed, and began to run on all four legs. “The better to reach you first, my dear,” she thought desperately.

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“The shadow there, upon the wall – a ghost, some soot, or naught at all?” “It’s been there since the previous fall, when the east wing burned at Stodworth Hall.” “It looks rather like a chap, reclined; perhaps it is some kind of sign?” “[BLANK].”



(Illustration by Edward Gorey)

Tansy’s answer:  “If it’s a spirit, I have […]

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