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December 8th 2012 in Microfiction

Rosalie boarded the plane, steeling herself against the anxiety of feeling the world fall away beneath her feet. She was certain it returned to the primordial soup down there; it could be completely changed when they landed. This would be scary, of course, but not necessarily a bad thing.

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The bogart sat glumly in its dressing cupboard, glad to be away from the children. It typically enjoyed reading their projections of terror and then roaring out from behind the mirror as the thing they feared most. Today, however, little Emma Ottoline saw her mother in him and couldn’t cast her protection spell; she just […]

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A loud thud called Wilhelmina Avery to the front porch, where she discovered [BLANK]. Acting quickly, she [BLANK] and returned to the house to [BLANK].

(Illustration by Edward Gorey)

Tansy’s answer:  a frozen guest who’d taken the drunken round of “Statue” just a shade too far, spray painted him grey (giving him a fetching faux stone look), […]

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