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December 18th 2012 in Microfiction

This time, they put Dr Banner in charge of the eggnog. Last year’s assignment of putting up the tree lights had gone poorly (he couldn’t get half of them to stop flashing, Hulked out, and trashed the entire lab). Iron Man and Captain America had a bet running on how smoothly eggs, cream, sugar, and bourbon would go.

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“I don’t get it,” Dave said. “You all love Moore and he loves you, but he chooses to live in a shack just outside of the town limits?” “He’s a crap magnet,” Tracy replied. “A bonafide, spit-upon-for-some-reason-by-the-gods, all fire crap lightning rod. To draw hardship away from the rest of us, he moved out past […]

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Werewolves had long infiltrated state welfare organizations (both human and animal). Being pack- and community-minded, they were drawn to lives of service. It was also quite handy to have the names and addresses of neglecters and abusers for purposes of … well … more rapid forms of justice.

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