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January 11th 2013 in Microfiction

The portal pulsed with energy, its colors moving from a sea green to pitch and back again. “I must try, Annabel,” he said softly, taking her hand. “That gentleman, Lovecraft, used something similar to find me.” “The sight of it chills me to the bone,” she whispered, wiping the tears away. “I shall dream of you every night,” he said then, “and come back as soon as I can. I may be able to send a sign that I’m all right; I could send a black cat … or even a raven.” “I shall die without you,” Annabel broke into sobs. “Nonsense,” he replied, “read any of my books to pass the time and I shall be with you.” He kissed her, then stepped boldly into the opening and was gone. Tonight, the sounding sea would be no comfort, she observed grimly; this was a dreary midnight indeed – and she feared she would see him nevermore.

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“Max and Deb followed the doomsday crier down the alley next to the King Bar – an ancient hippie robed in a filthy, rose-printed sheet. They were laughing and shouting obscenities, occasionally throwing garbage at the woman calling out “Beware! Beware! The end is near!” as she shuffled toward the dumpsters at the back. After […]

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Most that could skip Mr Maston’s sixth period “Mythology” class did (even though the school board briefly tried repackaging it as “Heroes and Villains” with a couple of graphic novels thrown in for the more remedial readers). Then Mr Maston got his robotic eye and things turned around overnight. Thanks to a rumor (spread by […]

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