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January 18th 2013 in Microfiction

Out in the park on a sunny day, he was reflective. He had someone he adored, a roof over his head, a meaningful job – life was undeniably sweet. Still … he felt they could do better: rest from time to time, have more fun, travel.  Finishing his rounds, the drone headed home to his queen, his head buzzing with ideas. Maybe it was time to talk to the rest of the hive about work/life balance.

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Kathleen came into the kitchen while her grandmother was baking and looked down at the floor. “Gran,” she said softly, “I need to ask you a question.” Granny nodded, smiling. “You always say you hate having your picture taken and duck out at the last minute, but you don’t; you’re right there when the flash […]

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The new oven had arrived yesterday; deep well, six burners. Hilda had buffed it to a gleaming finish and given the rest of the kitchen a scrubbing to get everything ready. That night, under the full moon, she worked on the outside of the house, gluing gingerbread and candies to the roof, walls, and sills; […]

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