Tansy Undercrypt
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January 22nd 2013 in Microfiction

He fished year-round although, to be truthful, ice fishing was more rewarding. Impervious to the cold, you’d sit staring at the surface of the water – the excitement building over your catch, your vision tunneled to that singular dark hole in a field of white, watching the line pull snug, seeing the bobber go. Somehow, the desolation of winter added to the triumph; it was you and him, the only two things alive in the world, locked in a battle to the death. The Creature grinned in the comfort of his Black Lagoon, seeing the fisherman on the surface peer expectantly into the hole. Soon now. Soon.

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“You have a formidable talent – especially in oils, my favorite medium,” he said, giving her a smile across the desk. “Thank you,” Erin responded shyly, casting her smile to the floor. “In fact,” he continued, “I’d like to commission you to do a portrait – a sitting portrait of myself.” She gasped and met […]

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Analise told the first story: that of  a vampire so horrible and so bold that he would show himself wherever he went, hiding in plain sight. Others added their own tales in turn, eyes wide with terror as they described the fiend stepping out from the crowd where he’d been all along, moving unnoticed through […]

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