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January 23rd 2013 in Microfiction

Analise told the first story: that of  a vampire so horrible and so bold that he would show himself wherever he went, hiding in plain sight. Others added their own tales in turn, eyes wide with terror as they described the fiend stepping out from the crowd where he’d been all along, moving unnoticed through the county fair like one of them. “He may even be here, among us,” Sacha whispered, bringing the room to silence. “Oh, come on,” Ravel said irritably, “who are we dealing with here? Dracula? Is it Dracula?” Analise raised a finger to her lips to silence him. “Worse,” she said. “It is Waldo.”

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He fished year-round although, to be truthful, ice fishing was more rewarding. Impervious to the cold, you’d sit staring at the surface of the water – the excitement building over your catch, your vision tunneled to that singular dark hole in a field of white, watching the line pull snug, seeing the bobber go. Somehow, […]

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Bedford (the Beagle) was the town howler; one if by land (animal control van), two if by sea (big storm coming in). When Dash and Smudge heard the long short short looooooooong short short, they paused. Three? “Zombie apocalypse,” wuffled Airstream lowly. “Get the others and tell them to bring their rugs or blankets and […]

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