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January 26th 2013 in Microfiction

“There she is,” Beatrice hissed to her sister when Eugenia started down the aisle facing them. Eugenia Sutter’s decidedly-not-mourning-attire was a vibrant purple with bright red velvet trim. Constance made a clucking sound as Eugenia passed. “She’s just so tawdry!” one exclaimed. “So horrible and scandalous!” the other chimed in. “So worth a complete fall from grace,” Reverend Fleight said to himself, watching the scene. Eugenia turned and smiled (as if she’d heard the voices in his head). It was the sisters’ looks of slack-jawed shock that helped him to realize he’d said it out loud.

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During that whole “Ariel’s-sold-parts-of-herself-to-a-witch-for-love” debacle, Jeff and Jenny (also a son and daughter of Triton) each packed a giant conch and left for the deep sea. No one cared about water pollution or overfishing or acts of diplomacy to bring the ocean factions together. It was clear that they were neither beautiful nor shallow enough […]

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Several pages of photographs have been inserted within the lexicon, their purpose and significance unknown. All images are marked with a name and a location, but handwriting experts are needed to decipher the additional notations found on the fronts or backs.

This print is identified only as ”Widow’s Contraband, Pennsylvania”. The back reads “[BLANK]“.

(Source: unknown)

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