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January 29th 2013 in Microfiction

On the playground, the negotiations would begin, and offers of assistance would lead to the formation of alliances. When the actual time arrived to play Musical Chairs, however, it was all sabotage, power plays, and betrayal. Ned didn’t have to beg his dad to watch “Game of Thrones”; he was living it out at school every day.

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When the snowstorm started, Grandpa closed all of the curtains and locked the doors at the top (so that the children couldn’t reach). He set out snacks and got the really noisy games down to keep everyone busy – keep them from looking outside. The snow stuck to it (the ectoplasm or whatever it was) […]

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She loved this Time of Men, with its rosy softness and its tender salty-sweet of curds and whey. She watched the little miss come into the clearing and settle upon a cushion, fishing a snack out of her basket (several filaments she’d run along the grass of the clearing vibrated in a kind of excitement). […]

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