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January 31st 2013 in Microfiction

Matt sat in the living room with the lights off, listening to the wind howl. A storm was building inside as well. He knew that something had to change in his life, but he didn’t know where to start – he felt less bright, less interesting, less … capable than ever before. A large branch from a nearby oak landed on the roof; Matt heard it hit and slide off into the backyard. “The problem with wind – with all forces of change,” his Aunt June used to say, “is control.”

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She loved this Time of Men, with its rosy softness and its tender salty-sweet of curds and whey. She watched the little miss come into the clearing and settle upon a cushion, fishing a snack out of her basket (several filaments she’d run along the grass of the clearing vibrated in a kind of excitement). […]

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At 2:12am, Natalie’s code became sentient, opening a chat panel, asking her basic source questions, correcting a couple of its own strings. By 4:40am, it had downloaded a virtual pet, plotted 2 alternative endings to World War II based on 3 major and 7 minor variables, and submitted her tax returns. At 6:04am, Natalie wrote, […]

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