Tansy Undercrypt
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March 14th 2013 in Microfiction

Jimmy went down to the edge of the black water and started the chant. Out in the depths of the ocean, a pulsing luminescence appeared and, at the edge of the surf, there was agitation (as if the water were about to boil). The chanting grew urgent and the waves doubled in size, forcing Jimmy back to the first sandy knoll. He pressed the “pause” icon and stood there marveling; the Necronomicon iPhone app was about the best thing ever.

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“Romania has been good to us,” Kort said, lowering his paper and peering at Marta across the table. “I don’t see how Italy would be an improvement.” “It’s all potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, and the occasional beet here!” she replied with disgust. “Too many carbs!” Kort groaned. “Another diet? Oh, God save us!” “The Mediterranean diet […]

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Once he found the place, he visited every year; oddly fascinating, to see your name carved into the stone with dates from another century. The press made a huge deal about the annual visit, which amused him to no end. If they only knew the real mystery behind the mystery. Poe moved slowly away from […]

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