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March 22nd 2013 in Microfiction

“It is with a growing fear of my own mental fragility that I continue writing.” (Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 1935) “I know that it would make my career; no one remembers the scientist who mapped the trench, only the adventurer who went down into it. But I can’t. It’s ridiculous, but I’m afraid.” (Harriet Phyllis Lovecraft, 1960) “God Particle, sure – but which god does it belong to? I think someone needs to ask that question, don’t you?” (Harlen Phytel Lovecraft, 2012) “The blemish is not a sunspot. It cannot be; it moves and changes. It is neither fixed nor star-shaped. Those are tentacles. Let them laugh; I would bet my life on it.” (Hara Philippa Lovecraft, 2178)

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What Tom thought was a pearl in the oyster opened to reveal itself as an eye, which sat staring at him (unblinking) on his plate. He closed the shell without pointing the eye out to anyone and slipped the oyster into the pocket of his jacket. Later, on the patio of the restaurant having his […]

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“I picked up your favorite, Wanita – caramel pecan!” Mrs Eston said in a cheery voice, placing a large piece of pie before the girl. She was thin as a rail, poor thing; a stark contrast to their Sadie’s rosy plumpness. Wanita squealed until her jaw unhinged and then scooped up both the plate and […]

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