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May 11th 2013 in Microfiction

John listened with the others, tense, for Adrienne’s arrival at the office every morning – listened closely to what she was humming. Their lives would go well that week if it was anything rock or blues or jazz or country; if, however, she sat down in her office with a Starbuck’s latte and a one-person rendition of “O,Fortuna” from the Carmina Burana, well … “Always know where the closest exit is,” Barbara had told him in a hushed and frightened tone that first day.

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In her tell-all book, the fairy Merryweather revealed that the prince was actually a coffee merchant from a distant land who stood to make a fortune with Kingdom Cappuccino stands if he could wake Princess Aurora up. “Money was the real incentive of love’s true kiss,” she told Ellen DeGeneres and a hushed TV audience. […]

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A stamp places this in “Interloper, North Carolina”. A note on the back reads: “[BLANK]“.

(Source: unknown)

Tansy’s answer:  “The catapult was positioned to look like any other tree (which gave Lawrence  immeasurable delight).” (Post your own answers and read the genius of others on the Tansy Undercrypt Facebook page here.)


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