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Harder Things (2015)

The next collection of short stories is due out in the spring of 2015. More details as they become available.


Small Towns, Dark Places (2012)

A frightening migration fills a barn with unwanted guests. A young boy rings the doorbell of the neighborhood haunted house. Man’s best friend fights off something that isn’t human anymore. Everyday life in the small towns that form the Tractor Triangle is anything but boring and predictable. In thirteen darkly fascinating and deliciously grim tales, the residents of a cursed Midwest encounter the mysterious, terrifying, and deadly.


Available everywhere in print and digital reader formats.

“Brilliant, spine-tingling, shudder-inducing FUN! I’ll never look at my neighbors the same way again. In each story, Tansy skillfully leads us beneath the veil of our ordinary world into the Tractor Triangle – an extraordinary world where our nightmares run free … with scissors.” Bradford Richardson, screenwriter

“An entrancing debut from a writer who positions herself as a “purveyor of doom and whimsy.” Ms. Undercrypt’s imagination is a dark, twisted, yet oddly welcoming place. She offers up terror tales done to perfection, stories of sturdy Midwesterners facing unspeakable horrors – the sort of thing you always suspected was going on under the placid facade of Normalville, USA. The real delight in the stories is the pragmatic way her characters deal with their supernatural troubles. There’s not much screaming for help from divine or temporal authorities, just a whole lot of digging in and Doing What Needs to be Done.

As dark and macabre as you could want, funny and tragic by turns, and thoroughly spine-chilling. The only thing I could ask of the author is, “More, please?””  Kari Fleming, bloggess

Tansy Undercrypt is a horror fiction writer living in the grim wilds of Portland, Oregon.  In addition to her writing, she is an accomplished illustrator, voice actor, and performer.  



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“Last Words (creepy bedtime stories for adults)” premiered in Portland, OR, in May of 2014 at The Lovecraft Bar. The series continues through February of 2015.  Come and enjoy, but understand … some don’t live happily ever after.

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