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Diary Pages: Superman

May 21st 2017

Interviewed Bruce Wayne today for The Daily Planet. Another useless billionaire. 42 minutes I’ll never get back. He – big shocker – wants to root out corruption and eradicate crime. Sees it as a big problem. Don’t get your hands dirty, Precious. Just write the check and walk away. It incenses me. I wish I […]

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May 20th 2017

“I’ve chased the perfect something my whole life,” Chad said, standing up in the back. “Full well knowing that it doesn’t exist.” There were nods around the room as he spoke. “I eventually admitted to myself that I just wanted anything I thought was better than me to validate me. I wanted something extraordinary to […]

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May 19th 2017

He stared at her (shyly, intermittently) as she rang up his order. She was surprisingly elegant, her hands moving seamlessly from item to scanner to bag (in a kind of retail ballet). “$54.62,” she said, smiling, and he blushed (fumbling to put his card in the machine). “You make it all look so easy,” he […]

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May 18th 2017

“We’re close now,” the attending physician had said. Quietly, Marilyn opened her purse and lifted out a Ziploc bag containing a tube of lipstick, some theatrical adhesive, and a large flower. Leaning carefully over the bed, Marilyn skillfully applied the dark peach lipstick to her mother’s mouth. “This is her all-time favorite color: Georgia Summer,” […]

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May 17th 2017

“So … what are we going with here?” the tattoo artist asked. Mitchell paused. “Celtic knot design,” he said, pointing to a page in the book. “Great choice,” came the reaction. “Summoning spell or long life?” “Long life,” Mitchell answered, “but just one.” “Really? Go big or go home, huh?” the tattoo artist grinned, loading […]

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May 16th 2017

When the serviceman showed up, he tarried by the van for some time unpacking his equipment. Pam stepped out onto the porch to greet him. “I’m glad you could make it on such short notice,” she called out to him. “No problem!” he replied, spritzing himself with something. “Holy water,” he explained, catching her staring […]

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May 15th 2017

She hit “Send” and sighed. This was hard (much harder than she thought) and it was getting old. “Maybe no more personals ads,” she said to herself. “I’m just not meeting the right kind of people.” She poured milk onto her cereal and sat down to eat it. “Same thing every time,” she whispered. “It […]

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Diary Pages: Demeter

May 14th 2017

What the … Well, I never saw THAT coming. Persephone and Hades.
 The last thing I ever wanted was to pass along a fascination with bad boys. Zeus is going to shit maximum lightning bolts. 
At least I’ll have the pleasure of telling him myself, since they want to elope and leave for the underworld […]

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May 13th 2017

Fern sat in the yard watching the shed intently. From the occasional sniff, she learned that the creature was changing (growing); if the groans of the thin metal walls were any indication, the thing would be huge (and hungry). Fern scratched behind her ear and casually walked over to the bushes to dig up something […]

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May 12th 2017

She wheeled carefully alongside the hospital bed and reached for his hand. “You’re leaving me,” she said. “I think so,” he responded, “but I’m not happy about it. I miss you already.” “For so long, I wanted to kill you myself,” she whispered, wiping her tears away, “but now … ” He squeezed her hand […]

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