Tansy Undercrypt
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August 31st 2017

“I want to go out! I want to go see!” Henry cried, leaning towards the door with his full weight. Nancy groaned, clutching onto him, pulling him back. “Honey … it’s bedtime; it’s bedtime,” she said over and over. “But I want to go out and play! I want to see the other kids!” he […]

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August 30th 2017

She knocked on the lid and, when he rose (with his clothing rumpled and his hair a mess), she kissed him tenderly on the cheek and held out her hand (leading him to breakfast). “Happy birthday,” she said, putting the bag of blood before him (she had drawn a smiley face with fangs upon it […]

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August 29th 2017

“We’ve talked a lot about you feeling very confrontational in most situations – how you get right up in someone’s face as a way to not feel vulnerable about their approach,” the Night Therapist said quietly. “Yes,” she agreed, nodding even as she faced away. “And we’ve talked about how that doesn’t provide you with […]

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August 28th 2017

“The poltergeist activity was, as you described it, off of the charts,” Lutz said, sitting down in front of the terrified Waudette family, “but we were able to direct it … focus it.” “Did you get rid of it?” Mr. Waudette pressed, fidgeting. “Well, no, not exactly,” Lutz responded. “First, we concentrate it, guide it […]

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Diary Pages: Magnus Wendelay (New England Conservatory of Music)

August 27th 2017

What you don’t expect is for Beethoven to drop new music. What you don’t expect is to play the piece, written for solo piano, and hear regret in the composition – an intimate wishing that mistakes had not been made … that love had not been lost … that death comes too early to make […]

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August 26th 2017

“It is so peaceful here,” McKenna said, admiring the simple architecture of the monastery and the temple on the hilltop beyond it. “We know only bliss here – thanks to Master Tungo,” Sen said quietly. “Master Tungo is your spiritual teacher? Your guide?” Sen stopped on the path and shook his head. “Tungo is … […]

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August 25th 2017

Shirley drove on, the back of the mini-bus rattling with decorative bottles trembling against each other (two to a seat). “We’re almost there,” she said apologetically. At the entrance point, she showed her ticket and her parking/camping pass. They looked in her vehicle (mostly out of curiosity) and ran down the list of things she […]

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August 24th 2017

Mike begged off of going out to lunch with everyone, putting an irritated face on his decision to remain behind because of deadlines. After they’d gone, Mike stole out to his car (parked in full shade) and laid down in the back seat with a couple of blood bags from the cooler. For so long, […]

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August 23rd 2017

Corinne exited the shop, stepping out onto the sidewalk with a mischievous smile. She tossed her hair back, hitting a bouncy, catwalk stride on her way to the car. Heads turned. “Hey,” she said to anyone who dared to make direct eye contact; Corinne felt them stare as she unlocked her car doors and stepped […]

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August 22nd 2017

“Wow,” he said, “the gates really ARE pearly.” Peter laughed. “We try not to mislead anyone.” They walked forward, and Peter took his elbow at the top of the stairs. “Mind the first step; the marble is worn.” The soul stumbled forward, with an “uh uh UH AH uh uh AAAAHHHH” as he teetered, his […]

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