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October 30th 2015 in Microfiction

“Thanks for coming in,” Mr. Reilly said, turning in his office chair. “This is Mr. Bellford.” The introduction to a man sitting off to one side included a small, sweeping gesture. Mark felt the bottom of his stomach drop out. “I am so getting fired,” he thought to himself. “We’ve been watching you, Mark, and I have to say …” Mr. Reilly continued. “Here it comes,” Mark’s inner monologue added. “… that you’re exactly the kind of person we need at the very top of the food chain around here.” Mr. Bellford leaned forward and smiled as if activated by Mark’s look of surprise. “You have rare qualities of judgment and restraint,” he added. “You know how to do what you need to do and fly under the radar, not making trouble.” “Exactly,” Mr. Reilly said, nodding. “Well, great!” Mark replied, feeling like he should say something. “Thank you!” “We’re not going to put you in the supervisor role, though,” Mr. Reilly started again. “You bastards,” said Mark’s brain within the confines of his skull. “We’re aiming bigger,” Mr. Bellford chimed in. “We’d like to make you a vampire,” Mr. Reilly finished. Both Reilly and Bellford leaned forward eagerly, so eagerly, and Mark’s brain fell silent (offering absolutely no help at all).

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“What?” Lynette asked as Miguel came into the store looking worried. “We … um … lost some critters,” he said breathlessly. Lynette froze. “They could still be in the shop, but …,” he continued, scanning the walls, the floor, and the hundreds of dry cleaning bags on their motorized track, “… they could also be […]

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A teddy bear was retrieved from the floor. Hair was lightly stroked. Hands were held. Whispers of comfort were heard on the wind. A lonely man received a kiss. Familiar spots of warmth were felt on laps and beds. Dreams were vivid and filled with messages of support and encouragement. “Ah, Halloween,” Madame Leota said. […]

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