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September 29th 2017 in Microfiction

“Do not stare into the dramas and tangles of life,” Hon Lek said to the novices. “Do not take on the habit of rushing at them or wrestling with them.” The room was silent. “They are not real,” he continued. “The question before you, in every situation, is: will you put your life force here? Will you spend yourself down to wade into the fray?” Several heads looked up, but still none spoke. “My job is to teach you to see the challenges for what they are – to walk in between trial and error.” Hon Lek stepped forward, vanished, then reappeared at the back of the classroom. Everyone gasped. “My job is to show you how to find peaceful silence in a world filled with mindless chatter and paths of hope around violence and desolation.” “I should be writing this down,” one of the novices thought to himself. “No need,” Hon Lek whispered back inside of his head. “You’re about to live it.”

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She arrived and greeted the others warmly; there was a buzz of excitement in the air. Smiling sweetly, she stepped out of her dress (standing in her light pink slip and sparkly hose in front of the group with no self-consciousness whatsoever) and placed the things she carried on a side table. “Ready?” She nodded […]

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The owls came and she dreamt of walking in the forest, the earth cool beneath her bare feet. They hooted softly, nestled in the branches that reached out over the house and, in her dream, she pulled a letter from her vest pocket. She walked to the base of an ancient oak and placed the […]

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