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January 8th 2018 in Microfiction

“How’s it going?” Devon asked, reaching for the coffee pot. “Another day, another dollar in the pocket of the galactic overlords,” James responded, looking up from his phone with a shrug and a grin. Devon laughed. “Too right,” he agreed, heading back to his desk. “Later!” Behind the one-way glass disguised as a cork board in the break room, the galactic overlords exchanged a surprised look.

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acknowledging that life is not a meme
we are proven to be star stuff

the entire universe is a festival of atoms and energy that form and change and move about each other 

these are acted upon by tremendous forces which form our prospective impressions of order and chaos

nothing is that has not been and will not […]

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She looked around, unsure about what to do. “A tricksy dealing?” the fairy asked herself (in a bit of a muddle). “Satisfying though it may be, the subtlety of a curse hidden inside of a blessing might be lost on ones such as these (who display a natural inclination towards doom). Hmmm.” She watched the […]

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