"An impeccable transformation," the first announcer said as the music started. "The Romanians continue to dominate the sport and Cruczik is the one to beat for the free flight routine," the second added. "Perfect pacing; not rushing the full extension on the turn," said the first. "OH! Brilliant full wing sweep and double twist!" exclaimed the second. "Crowd on their feet," the first announcer narrated. "Moving into the lift levels," the second announcer indicated. "This has been a problem in practice ... " "AND NAILED IT!" the first announcer almost shrieked. "A stunning spike and drop into low streak position!" "What they've started to called Cruczik's "hovercraft" move," the second added. "Nobody survives a picnic ambush with a move like that," the first said in awe. "Incredible." In the end, Dmitri Cruczik won the gold for Romania in the Winged Undead Free Flight Program and a silver in the Men's Winged Undead Individual Program (after a stunning upset by Vaal, a demon from Nethers 6, flame-hoofing for Japan).